New Headway 3.0 WordPress Theme Builder is Out

New Headway 3.0 WordPress Theme Builder is Out

I’ve been so busy playing around with the new Headway 3.0 that I forgot to mention the fact that it is now available for download :)

Let me first say that my first profession when it comes to being creative is desk top publishing. You design things on the screen, no code required. You just click and drag blocks of text and images around wherever you want them to go. Then I decided to learn how to create websites. Themes are great, and there’s no shortage of them out there. But if you want to move something, like the navigation bar, it’s not a quick task like creating a flyer. You have to dig in and change the code.

Well…actually…now it is. Thanks to my discovering Headway Themes! I had head of it in the past. But really, drag and drop to create a WordPress theme? Please…it must be riddled with problems, right? WRONG!

No Need For WordPress Developers — Drag & Drop With HeadwayThis is the first time that I’ve used Headway. I must say that I am quite impressed. It truly is a draw, drag and drop interface for creating WordPress themes. You can have a different layout and different widgets for each and every post and page if you really wanted to. You can even change the colors and fonts for each of those widgets as well. Or simply set your home page layout and inherit that layout for all pages, posts, archives and even 404 page. No need to save and then view your site. The Visual Editor even has a button called Show Site where you can preview your changes right there in the Editor. Crazy nice stuff.

It also has built in SEO with a preview of what the Title Tag and Description will look like in search engines. Easily choose your settings for each page and post to noindex, nofollow, noarchive, etc.. No need for a SEO plugin with Headway.

You can use Headway to create themes for your clients and even build and sell complete websites with Headway. The new owner would need to purchase a license if they wanted to gain access to the support forums. Other than that, the sky’s the limit!

I purchased the least expensive membership option, Base. That’s because I just couldn’t wait to play around with Headway, was a little short on cash (it is almost Christmas) and they haven’t released any child themes for Headway 3.0 yet. But, we’re allowed to upgrade for the price difference. If you’re not familiar with Child Themes for Headway, it’s simply a way to quickly inherit the styling that you see in the child theme. For instance, maybe the tops of widgets have a cool scroll on it. Things like that. You don’t need to stick with the layout that you see in the child theme. That’s what Headway 3.0 is all about – being able to drag and drop elements around rather than have to dig through the code.

Headway is awesome as is – you don’t need a child theme to use it. But I can’t wait until the child themes come out so I can let my creativity fly without having to be bored to death with code :)

Time to get back to playing around with my new favorite WordPress theme builder!

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