How to Add a Video to WordPress


how to add a video to WordPressWordPress makes it very simple to add a video to your Posts and Pages and even to widgets. If you’re going to upload a video, there’s an icon next to Upload/Insert in the text editor. Click on it and upload your video.

If you want to add a video from a third party, such as YouTube, that’s easy as well. On YouTube, many videos allow you to Share a video by grabbing the embed code. You can even choose the size of the video so it fits nicely. Hi-light and copy this code that is on YouTube. Then all you need to do is switch to the HTML mode in your WordPress Page or Post, find where among the text that you want the video to go, and add the code. You can also add this HTML to a widget by adding a Text widget.

Here’s what YouTube looks like at the time of this post. Sometimes they move things a bit, so just look around if it’s different now.

embed youtube in wordpress

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