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Blog Static Page – how to make one

learn how to make a backlink

How to Create a Splash Page for your blog! In this article we teach you how to set up your blog so you have a static or “Splash” landing page. Basically this is so that your readers seee the same article or message whenever they go to the home page of your blog. People do [...]

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WP Tinymce

WP TinyMCE Editor Guide

A Video and written guide to the TinyMCE Editor Here is a great video guide to the Ultimate Tinymce plugin and a very detailed written tutorial on the WP TinyMCE visual editor (a WYSISWYG Editor) for Blogs and Websites. Tinymce comes included with WordPress as the default editor AND you can get the code for [...]

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Website Ecommerce Builder – Fast, Automated and Easy.

A video review and guide to a great e-commerce tool Here we provide a video and a written review of one of the best ecommerce solutions out there. Datafeedr is a tool that will automate the process of not only building an ecommerce web store in an existing or new blog, but will also link [...]

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The New Woothemes Delicious Magazine Theme

woothemes delicious Magazine

Woothemes Delicious Magazine Theme is smooth! I own a copy of the Woothemes Delicious Magazine and I used to run it on 2 recipe websites I own. It is gorgeous and easy to set up and use. I stopped using it because my websites make money off of Adsense and for some reason people clicked [...]

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How to use lightbox in wordpress – 4 Ways to Lightbox enable your WordPress blog

how to use light box

Turn on your blog with Lightbox for WordPress Here is a great video on how to turn Lightbox on in your WordPress blog – then we give you a written guide – 4 Ways to Lightbox enable your WordPress blog article we teach you everything you need to know and give you links for even [...]

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WordPress 3 Plugins – The Best of the Best

The Best Wordpress 3 plugins

20 Great Plugins for WordPress 3.0 and higher! These are the Best WordPress 3 Plugins I use on my top Wordrpess 3.0  blogs. All but 3 of these are available for instant free download out of the Admin panel of your WordPress Blog. The other 3 are plugins that you must buy but are inexpensive [...]

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WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin for a WP Photo Album

15 photo album plugins for wordpress review

A review of 15 Plugins that add A Photo Gallery to your Blog In this article we review the best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin and we give a brief look at 15 other top Photo Plugins for WordPress. In a nutshell the best Photo Gallery plugin that I have used is the “WP Photo Album [...]

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WordPress Datafeedr Plugin

The Wordpress DataFeedr Plugin lets you create a store in your blug automatically

A WordPress Plugin to add a store to your Blog! Here is a video review and a guide to a great WordPress Plugin called DataFeedr that turns any blog into an ecommerce store automatically. It is inexpensive, will make you a lot of money and pretty amazing. Read on for more. You can also click on this link [...]

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Top 5 SEO Myths

The Top 5 SEO Myths are wasting your time!

Search Engine Optimization is changing, Keep up! SEO myths debunked – In this article, we bring you up to date on the changing face of website optimization for the search engines. With Google releasing its Panda update last year and Penguin updates 1,2 and 3 this year, a lot has changed in trying to get [...]

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Latent Semantics Indexing

LSI Video and guide to Google Ranking! In this article, We give you a great video on LSI and the we provide a written guise to Latent Semantics Indexing. In this guide we tell you what Latent Semantic indexing, or LSI, is. How Google uses LSI technology and latent semantic analysis to determine what your website is [...]

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