Website Ecommerce Builder – Fast, Automated and Easy.

A video review and guide to a great e-commerce tool Here we provide a video and a written review of one of the best ecommerce solutions out there. Datafeedr is a tool that will automate the process of not only building an ecommerce web store in an existing or new blog, but will also link [...]

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WordPress Datafeedr Plugin

The Wordpress DataFeedr Plugin lets you create a store in your blug automatically

A WordPress Plugin to add a store to your Blog! Here is a video review and a guide to a great WordPress Plugin called DataFeedr that turns any blog into an ecommerce store automatically. It is inexpensive, will make you a lot of money and pretty amazing. Read on for more. You can also click on this link [...]

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Adsense WP Themes


What are the best Adsense Themes for WordPress? Here are 15 Adsense Rerady WP Themes that are FREE and let you get flexible with your advertising strategy! All of these Adsense WordPress Themes are designed to use Google Adsense for income (Money!) and are available for free download with your WordPress Admin panel. These WordPress [...]

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How to add a WordPress Store Plugin to a Blog to make money Guide!

A wordpress eCommerce store plugin

A WordPress ecommerce plugin review! In this WordPress Store eCommerce Plugin article I show you How to add an ecommerce Store to any WordPress Blog and I guide you thru the process and I show you an actual up and running store!.This WordPress store plugin works with any WordPress Theme to make an online ecommerce [...]

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Best Adsense Plugin

Make money with this FREE Adsense Plugin In this article on The Best WordPress Plugin for Adsense we show you a great FREE plugin that helps you make more money with Google Adsense! We also show you several other best in class  Plugins to consider. The FREE plugin is available for immediate download from our [...]

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FREE WP Robot Review and Guide from someone who is actually using WP Robot and not just selling it

A FREE WP Robot Review and Guide This WP Robot Review is by someone who is actually using it on a site the RIGHT way and can tell you the real Pro’s and Con’s! UPDATE: Since the Google Panda update autoblogs have lost a lot of favor. Google is looking for quality content. However autoblogging [...]

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WordPress How to Make Money Passively with WordPress Blogs


WordPress How to Make Money Passively with WordPress Blogs This article,WordPress How to Make Money Passively with WordPress Blogs,  describes one of several ways you can make money with wordpress blogs. It focuses on using autoblogging techniques. You can click on this link to read our article onnhow you can add a store to your [...]

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WordPress and Adsense The Best Theme, Plugin and Training Guide

WordPress and Adsense The Best Theme, Plugin and Training Guide In this WordPress and Adsense The Best Theme, Plugin and Training Guide we show you the quick and easy way to optimize Adsense Earnings  and we give you a link to a comprehensive Adsense training guide you can buy if you really want ot make [...]

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Ecommerce WordPress Theme FREE

Ecommerce WordPress Theme FREE The FREE Crafty Cart WordPress Ecommerce Theme below is designed for Ecommerce . Not only is thisEcommerce WordPress Theme FREE but it also uses the FREE WP Ecommerce Plugin! So you can download the free theme, then the free wordpress ecommerce plugin and set up a true ecommerce Website for, well [...]

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WordPress Socrates Theme

The Wordpress Socrates Theme is designed for Internet Marketing

You’ve never seen a Wordpress theme as easy to use with so much functionality that is focused on Sales, Marketing and ease of use.

Why spend weeks struggling to make a Wordpress Theme meet your needs only to end up with a blog that looks like everybody elses and does not allow you to monetize it the way you want.

The Wordpress Socrates Theme is quick to set up. Promise (I HATE WP THEMES that take forever to set up so I won’t advertise one and I certainly won’t tell you its good if it sucks). This one is great.

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