Description Meta Tag Length, Format and metatag placement

The description meta tag describes things!

Description Meta Tag Guide The Description Meta Tag is the second most important Meta Tag next to the Title Meta Tag. That is because the description meta tag has 160 characters of information that you use to describe what your article or web page is about. That is what the search engines display in their [...]

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H Tags and SEO

h tags and seo

The “H” Meta Tags and SEO This information On the Header meta tags and their affect on Search Engine Optimiization is straight and to the point. It is condensed and made more readable but its source is from the Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. You can read the 30 plus page Google SEO guide at this [...]

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Title Meta Tag length, Format and Meta Title Tag Placement

how to speed up wordpress

How to use the Title Meta Tag Correctly In this article on the Title Meta Tag we teach you everything you need to know about this Vital Meta Tag for SEO and for your reader!   Title Meta Tag length, Format and Meta Title Tag Placement – Title Meta Tag Definition:           The Title Meta [...]

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The All in one SEO Pack WordPress Plugin Guide

The All in one SEO Pack WordPress Plugin Tutorial This Tutorial covers the All in one SEO pack WordPress Plugin. Here are the contents of the article: 1)      The All In One SEO Pack plugin Review  - what this WordPress plugin does 2)      The All In one SEO Pack Tutorial – How to set up [...]

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The Keyword Statistics Plugin for WordPress Search Engine Optimization

Use the Keyword Statistics Plugin for Wordpress Search Engine Optimization!

Keyword-Statistics Plugin for Wordpress is a great SEO tool. I use it on all my websites. My favorite attributes of the plugin are the fact that it takes care of the 3 main SEO Meta tags – The Title, Description and Keyword tags automatically BUT it allows you to overide them and type in your own when you want to.

The keyword density features are great as well. From the Keyword Statistics website we get their write up on the kwyword statistics plugin for wordpress as follows

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