WP Tinymce

WP TinyMCE Editor Guide

A Video and written guide to the TinyMCE Editor Here is a great video guide to the Ultimate Tinymce plugin and a very detailed written tutorial on the WP TinyMCE visual editor (a WYSISWYG Editor) for Blogs and Websites. Tinymce comes included with WordPress as the default editor AND you can get the code for [...]

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WordPress 3 Plugins – The Best of the Best

The Best Wordpress 3 plugins

20 Great Plugins for WordPress 3.0 and higher! These are the Best WordPress 3 Plugins I use on my top Wordrpess 3.0  blogs. All but 3 of these are available for instant free download out of the Admin panel of your WordPress Blog. The other 3 are plugins that you must buy but are inexpensive [...]

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WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin for a WP Photo Album

15 photo album plugins for wordpress review

A review of 15 Plugins that add A Photo Gallery to your Blog In this article we review the best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin and we give a brief look at 15 other top Photo Plugins for WordPress. In a nutshell the best Photo Gallery plugin that I have used is the “WP Photo Album [...]

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Latent Semantics Indexing

LSI Video and guide to Google Ranking! In this article, We give you a great video on LSI and the we provide a written guise to Latent Semantics Indexing. In this guide we tell you what Latent Semantic indexing, or LSI, is. How Google uses LSI technology and latent semantic analysis to determine what your website is [...]

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How to Make a Backlink

learn how to make a backlink

How to Make a Backlink Guide In this article we show you how to make a backlink and we give you a video on how to do it. We show you the exact HTML code, we give you cut and paste examples and we tell you where to put it and how to get backlinks. [...]

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How to Speed up WordPress

how to speed up wordpress

Google is making load time a factr in site ranking. So making your site load faster will not only make your vistors happy, but make google happy as well. And learning how to speed up wordpress is like everything else, its easy once you knopw how. So lets get started.

How to Speed up Wordpress using the best Wordpress excellarating plugin:w3 Total Cache

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WordPress the Permalink SEO Guide

Search Engine Optimization with WordPress Permalinks OK here is a video and a guide to optimizing your permalinks in WordPress for optimal SEO benefits! We are going to teach you some basic CRITICAL WordPress on page SEO that YOU MUST DO if you want to get good page ranking with the search engines OK? Search Engine [...]

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WordPress Plugins How To Guide

How to use wordpress plugin

How to do anything with a WordPress Plugin WordPress is the best blogging and affiliate store software out there. In this Guide to using Plugins with your wordpress blog, we will show you how to add all kinds of new functions to your blog with a few clicks of a mouse! Also, you can click [...]

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How to Change WordPress Avatar using WP-Gravatar

There are a lot of different ways to change your Wordpress Avatar. This How to Change Wordpress Avatar Article focuses on the easiest way and I believe the best way.
How to Change your Wordpress Avatar using the WP-Gravatar Plugin.
Note: if you don’t know what a wordpress plugin is here are two articles that you should read first:Click on this link to read our Wordpress Plugin How to Guide

The WP-Gravatar allows you to ch

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How to Backup WordPress – use the BackupWordPress Plugin

How to Backup Wordpress - use the BackupWordpress Plugin

How to backup wordpress is EASYwhen you use the best wordpress backup plugin: Backupwordpress!

Its easy to use, simple to configure and you will have your site backed up in minutes. NO NEED TO MONKEY WITH MYSQL or cpanel or anything!

Note: If you don’t know how to install plugins or find any of this confusing, click on this link to read our Wordpress how to Beginners manual

How top back up wordpress step by step instructions:

1) Login to your wordpress blog admin panel

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