Top 5 SEO Myths

The Top 5 SEO Myths are wasting your time!

Search Engine Optimization is changing, Keep up! SEO myths debunked – In this article, we bring you up to date on the changing face of website optimization for the search engines. With Google releasing its Panda update last year and Penguin updates 1,2 and 3 this year, a lot has changed in trying to get [...]

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Latent Semantics Indexing

LSI Video and guide to Google Ranking! In this article, We give you a great video on LSI and the we provide a written guise to Latent Semantics Indexing. In this guide we tell you what Latent Semantic indexing, or LSI, is. How Google uses LSI technology and latent semantic analysis to determine what your website is [...]

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The Clickbump SEO plugin

The clickbump SEO Plugin for on page SEO and LSI

A Video and users review of this SEO WordPress Plugin I purchased Clickbump to improve my on page SEO and my search engine rankings. You do not need an SEO Expert to tell you that can't make money if no one finds your blog or your blog posts. Everyone wants traffic to their webiste and on [...]

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White Hat and Black Hat SEO Defined

white hat and bloack hat SEO defined for you

In this article on White Hat and Black Hat SEO Defined we tell you what are the correct ways -the “White Hat” ways to optimize your website for the Search Engines (SEO) and what are the wrong ways, the “Black Hat” ways and we tell you how the Black Hat Methods can get your website in trouble

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Best WordPress Traffic Plugin

Get more wordpress traffic with wordpress plugins

How to get WordPress Traffic with Plugins In this article on WordPress plugins to increase blog traffic I am going to show you the best of the best to drive more free traffic (visitors) to your Blog. Note that with the recent Google Penguin update you can't just use automated plugins to do on page [...]

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How to get more blog traffic

how to get blog traffic

In this article on How to get more blog traffic we tell you the 10 basic steps you need to follow AND we give you plenty of free links for more information if you want to get into the details.

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NEW Google SEO 101 – Google Basics

Google Basics – How Search engines work and why you need to know.
When you do a Google search in Google on “shoes”, Google searches the web and returns a list of results (Called the Search Engine Results Page or SERP) from all over the web. But how does search engines like Google and Yahoo find web pages matching your query, and determine the order of search results?

Basically Google crawls (Walks each of the pages) of the Websites that it knows about and indexes all the web pages it finds. This creates a very complex map that tells the search engine where everything on the web is (by its address) and whats it about (by an algorithm that is a secret (so people don’t try to fake it out) and how important a given page is in terms of the subject matter on the page

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Google SEO and the H1, Title and Description meta tags

If you are trying to optomize your website for google search results then you need to pay attention to the title and Description meta tags and H1 header tags. More articles like this can be seen at

This information is straight and to the point. It is from the Google Search engine Optomization Starter Guide.

1) The Title Meta Tag and SEO and Search engine results:
You must create unique, accurate page titles for each page of your blog just as you would have unique keywords and content.. The Title Meta Tags purpose is to tell both readers and search engines what the topic of a particular page is. The Title Meta tag should be placed within the header tag of the HTML document. Ideally you should create a unique title that reflects the contents of the article.

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WordPress Plugins for SEO the SEO SearchTerms Tagging Plugin

Kaylees Camera Pics, 1 082

The SEO Searchterm tagging plugin improves On Page SEO by adding new internal linking to the blog post using the most popular keywords used by search engine visitors to find the blog post from a search engine ( incoming search terms ).

A real strong point of this PLugin is that it is dynamic. Even without updates to the plugin it will continue to adjust to the latest search terms used by users accessing your site. I have just started using this plugin myself so I do not have a report on any noticed improvements but the logic behind it is sound and it has had over 30,000 downloads so it is certainly worth adding to your blog SEO efforts

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How to find Profitable Product Keywords and Product Keyword Software

How to find Profitable Product Keywords and Product Keyword Software In this article, How to find Profitable Product Keywords and Product Keyword Software, I give you a high level look at why Product Keywords are important and who Stephen Porter is and why you should listen to him and I add in my two cents [...]

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