How to Make a Backlink

How to Make a Backlink Guide

In this article we show you how to make a backlink and we give you a video on how to do it. We show you the exact HTML code, we give you cut and paste examples and we tell you where to put it and how to get backlinks.

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learn how to make a backlink

How to Make a Backlink – What is a Backlink anyhow?

A backlink is a link to a website or web page. People refer specifically to BackLinks when they want to have a link on some ones webpage that points BACK to their website. That is where the term “BackLink” comes from.

Here is an example of an actual backlink from this article on this website to another website:

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Here is a video on how to make a backlink:


How to Make a Backlink – Why are BackLinks so important?

Search engines use backlinks as a measure of website Authority. That means that the Search engines (like Google) like websites with a lot of backlinks pointing to it. It means that the content on the website is so good or so important that other websites link to it to give their readers access to this valuable information.

So adding backlinks to YOUR website will make it more important in the eyes of the search engines and then they will send more traffic to your website!

How to Make a Backlink – The actual source code

If you were to look at the actual source code for the Link given in the example above here is what you would see:

How to Make a Backlink - How the Backlink Source code works

Here is the link color coded into 3 sections and we will then tell you what each section means and does):

The Blue highlighted code

is the start of the link and tells you what website or webpageURL  the link is sending people to if they click on it. NOTE The &quot is added by the software after I typed the sentence and saved it.

The Grey Highlighted code tells the search engine:

  1. If it should "follow" the link (which passes link juice to the site being linked to. 
  • It is "Follow" or Dofollow" by default. 
  • If you don't want the search engines to follow the link you add the "nofollow" label.
  1. If it will open in a new window or the existing window, etc.
  • "Target="_blank means new window and 
  • "Target="_Self means open the link in the current window.

The Yellow highlighted code

Says what text will be displayed for the Link. This is also called the Anchor Text.

This code is in the source code of the web page. When I typed it in in my wordpress editor I just:

  1. Typed in the sentence
  2. Highlighted the text I wanted as the anchor text and
  3. In the text editor for wordpress clicked on the Link symbol. and entered the URl. Here is what the link symbol looks like in wordpress:

When you click on it here is the window that pops up for you to enter the URL in:

You can then click on the "Target" tab in the same pop up to select wether it opens in a new window or not.


How to Make a Backlink - Cut and paste examples:

Here is a backlink that just points to a website. To its main domain:

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Here is the code for that Backlink:

Here is a backlink that points to a page within a website (if someone clicks on the link they will go straight to that page):

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Here is the code for that backlink

To use these you would change the website name or URL and the Anchor text.

How to Make a Backlink - A note on anchor text

The search engines view the anchor text as very important. If a site links to your site and the subject of the anchor text is the same as the subject of the website it links to then they view that as an important link.

If there is no anchor text or the anchor text is irrelevant then that is a weak link because the keywords in the anchor text have nothing to do with the website it is sending people to do.

It could be spam!

So always make the anchor text of your backlink one of the primary keywords or keyword phrases of the website or page that it is pointing to.


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