The Clickbump SEO plugin

I hate to admit it but The Clickbump SEO plugin is doing fantastic!

The Clickbump SEO Plugin is great for SEO and LSI

I purchased the Clickbump SEO Plugin to improve my on page SEO and my search engine rankings. You do not need an SEO Expert to tell you that can’t make money if no one finds your blog or your blog posts. Everyone wants traffic to their webiste and on page SEO is one of the main tools you need to get that traffic.

So why do I hate to admit that the Clickbump SEO Plugin is working great and increasing the onpage SEO quality of my posts and driving free organic traffic to my blogs? I said “I hate to admit it”  because I thought I was pretty good at on page SEO!!

You can click here to check out the ClickBump SEO Plugin yourself.

I have had the SEO plugin for exactly 1 month and I am seeing steady TRAFFIC INCREASES ON MY BEST SITES. It scores the On Page SEO for my posts. It gives me the LSI (Latent Semantics Indexing – You can click on this link to read our article about LSI)’

I also use traffic travis to track my keywords and I am getting steady rankings gains on my keywords – hence the increased traffic. I can see the increase start within a few days of rewriting an article.

Some increases are dramatic with posts going from the 3rd page on google to the first page overnight.

Some are slow with single digit gains week after week.

These are not new sites so google is kind to them I do have it on one new site and am not seeing as fast of gains (posts are not jumping to the first page) but they are improving even on the new site.

The Clickbump SEO plugin Actual example

OK here is an actual example of how Clickbump SEO skyrocketed one of my posts.

I don’t usually give examples because you don’t want to give competitors ideas but I like how well this product is working for me that I thought I would.

I have a post for the keyword phrase “Adsense WP Themes” on this blog. You can find it easy enough., Just type it into the Google Search engine and click search. Its the second from the top in the results page!

  • There are 7,580,000 million Google results if you type Adsense WP Themes in google and search
  • It only gets 880 Google searches a month so I choose it as an example (I am not going to give away real profitable keywords on a board like this).
  • It does have a nice Adsense CPC of $1.38 so you can make nice money off that.
  • I have had similar results with terms Keywords that get thousands of searches a month.

The post was bouncing around on google serps from position 7 – 12 (with an occasional jump to the 5th spot) when I rewrote it with Clickbump SEO.

I rewrote it on March 1, 2011. When I say rewrote I just fixed all the issues that Clickbump SEO found wrong with the post.

It now sits in the number 2 spot on google. It has been there for weeks out of about 7,580,000 results

ACTUAL GOOGLE Search Results (thanks to the The Clickbump SEO plugin) I am in the number 2 spot!


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Again its not magic and while I have seen big jumps (from the third page of the SERPS to the First) overnight on a few posts, most of it is a steady jagged trendline of improvement. Up to back one sort of thing every few days or even weeks.

OK thats it for The Clickbump SEO plugin Articl

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  1. tuning says:

    Impressive! I'm about to do the same for my car tuning site. I'm a little worried though that by changing the article (adding new content) that is will negatively affect some of the ranks for other keyword phrases. Guess I just need to try it on a couple articles and check the results.

  2. admin says:

    Each article should only focus on 1 – 3 keyword phrases. The clickbump SEO plugin just helps you rank better for those phrases and by improving the layout and content of the page so Google will like it more and rank it higher. It will not adversely affect your page rankings otherwise

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