Top 5 SEO Myths

Search Engine Optimization is changing, Keep up!

SEO myths debunked - In this article, we bring you up to date on the changing face of website optimization for the search engines. With Google releasing its Panda update last year and Penguin updates 1,2 and 3 this year, a lot has changed in trying to get your website on the first page of Google. In this article we cover some of the things that don't work anymore and that might get your website penalized. Some of these are bad practices that have plagued the average website developer and even the professional marketers for years. This article should set these facts straight and let you focus on more important things then worrying about theses myths which really are just bad Search Engine Optimization practices!.

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The Top 5 SEO Myths are wasting your time!


Ok here is our top 5 list of Myths, Bad Ideas and other things:

1) If I do yada yada yada I can fake out Google

Every week I see someone selling something guaranteed to get your website or webpage in the first position of the Google Search Engine Results Pages for your keyword. None of these really work. Don't pay people for things that won't work or that may actually get your website penalized! Here is a list of just a few of these bad things:

DO NOT pay for backlink packages or blasts that will give you 1000's of high quality backlinks for anywhere form $5 to $500. First off 99% of these are NOT high quality. Second, Google no longer values backlinks heavily AND a sudden blast of 1000's will risk your site getting an unnatural backlink penalty!

DO NOT pay for links on some ones web site. Chances are they are selling to many and they have little value AND if Google finds out you get penalized.

DO NOT over optimize your site by putting the keyword in their 500 times or by trying to put the keyword in the URL, all the H1 – H3 tags, on every pictures alt tag,etc. Google now has an over optimization penalty too!

DO NOT buy a tool to auto post backlinks. They don't work well anymore given the Google Changes.

DO NOT use article spinners to change the content you stole or purchased. It makes your website hard to read. People will leave in a few seconds, your time on site will go down, your bounce rate will go up and you will loose your rankings. Google is getting smarter!

DO NOT pay for 500 likes or 10,000 Facebook fans. They get dumped on your page at one time and Google is going to realize its unnatural.

The point is that Google is smarter then you as it employees a ton of full time professionally trained people to keep its search engine finding the sites that its users really want to see. That is what makes Google Google and they will protect that capability by de-listing sites that try to fake it out or at least building preventative measures against fake outs. So instead of spending money on "Black  Hat" SEO tricks (anything meant to fake out a search engine) spend the money, and better yet quality time, on doing real search engine optimization, 

Check out the Google Beginners SEO Video Below if you are new to trying to ge tyour website noticved by the search engines:

3) If I submit my site to 1000 search engines and directories I will get a ton of traffic!

No. First off Google, Yahoo, Bing and a few others drive most of the web traffic.  All the rest combined don't come close so focus on the big 3! Second, submit to the smaller ones IF they make sense to your niche market. Third SAVE your money and don't buy software or services to do this.

If I was going to spend good money to drive traffic to my site I would buy a quality Keyword Software System to focus my articles and website on then spend the rest of my time getting backlinks to the site and inner pages..

Here are links to some Keyword tool reviews to consider if you have specific needs such as making money off a website or driving traffic to your website from people looking for a specific product or service:

1) Click here for an article on The Product Keyword Finder. This Keyword Tool really focuses in on driving SPECIFIC traffic to your website. This is the most useful if you want traffic focused on specific products, people wanting to buy specific products or activities.

2) Click here  for an Article on the Money Keyword Finder Software. This keyword Software focuses on finding the keywords people use when they are ready to buy, purchase or spend money on something. Very focused and effective! If you want to make money its not about how much traffic you get its about getting traffic from BUYERS! This software is the best there  is at finding those keywords for you!

4) On page SEO (Keywords, header tags, keyword density etc) is the most important way to get ranked high by the search engines.

NO. Content and Social Indicators and quality natural  Back links are! (On page SEO is still very important. You can click on this link to read about a tool that will handle ON Page SEO for you).

The search engines want to find the websites that give the people searching what they are looking for so they want a site that has valuable content. To determine that they:

     1) Look at social indicators – mentions and links on things like Facebook, Tumbler Pinterest, and Google +1's!.

     2) They look at quality natural, relevant hi page rank back links. These come from other sites linking to your page with anchor text that is relevant, as the most important. They also weight the back link by the importance of the site linking to your site! BUT THE LINKS NEE TO BE NATURAL! Meaning that people who read the page decided that they like it so much that they write about it and post a link to it!

Note Anchor text are the words in the actual link that you click on. So if you have an article on black Labrador retrievers and someone links to hit with a link that says "Great article on gold fish", Google will not rate that link as highly as one that says "Great article on Black Labrador retrievers".

So really you need:

1) Very good Content

2) Natural on page SEO

3) Social indicators

4) Quality, natural Backlinks


5)  I can buy links or do reciprocal links and have all the back links I need,

NO! Buying back links now a days is dangerous. If Google finds a link that was purchased it will penalize your site heavily (Think of it as Google pretending your site doesn't exist anymore. Bad.)

Reciprocal links (where you trade links with someone else)  and low quality links are near worthless. So you want natural links. Ones that people do linking to your articles. You can also create links back to your site from related sites by commenting on articles, writing guest articles, etc. You can click on this link to read our article on how to Make a backlink.

6) I can buy that $300 Website that is "professionally SEO'd" on "auto pilot" and rake in the money and never have to touch it…

No. Even if the website was set up with good quality SEO to begin with, If you do not work the Website, adding content and links regularly it will drop in the rankings and disappear off the search engines.

The web is a dynamic place with new competition springing up all the time. The search engines regularly change their rules and the popularity of various search terms tend to change with time so if your website is not being updated and you are not improving the SEO then it will lose its rankings to other websites that are doing these things. And by the way, If the Website is not selling for about 6 – 10 times its earnings then it probably isn't really earning as much as they claim anyhow. OK one more final point on this, as they posts become dated people will ignore them and look for fresher more up to date information.

7) If I have great content I will eventually get great rankings!

No. With hundreds of millions of websites out there you will never get noticed if you don't do on page SEO and good Back Linking and Social linking (Facebook, Buzz, delicious, etc. Checkout Onlywire to help with this) and take the time to learn about everything else that is important and can hurt.

8) If you have duplicate content your site will get blacklisted or will otherwise be penalized

While there is no duplicate content penalty Google DOES know that there are multiple versions of the same article (Every college professor has simple software to check for plagiarism now adays. Google's is like that only 1000 times better). However they don't penalize or slap a site for it. Why? If they did how do they penalize the copies and not the originals? If Google did have such a penalty your shady competitors could just create near-clones of your site to make your site disappear. But that doesn’t happen. Indeed, run a search for a PLR article and you’ll likely see many SE results for that same article.  BUT it is still better to strive for as much original content as possible for a variety of reasons such as giving your readers information they can't get elsewhere, etc

HOWEVER the Google Panda Update really de-ranked a lot of sites with crappy content. Auto blogging sites with auto generated content got hit hard also.

BUT I still see a lot of Keywords where 3 or 4 of the first page Google SERPs are spun versions of the same article.

The point is Google is working hard at eliminating trashy sites and trash articles from getting high search engine results.

Click here to see a Google produced in depth SEO video to learn more!

OK thats it for our Article debunking the myths of SEO!

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