WordPress Plugins for SEO the SEO SearchTerms Tagging Plugin

WordPress Plugins for SEO the SEO SearchTerms Tagging Plugin

SEO SearchTerms Tagging plugin is a WordPress SEO Plugin

The WordPress SEO Searchterms tagging plugin is a WordPress Plugin for SEO and provides on page SEO benefits that are not provided by other popular wordpress SEO Plugins like:

Note that some WordPress Themes have more automatic SEO enabled then others. WooThemes are especially strong in this area. Click on this link to go to www.wpthemesdeals.com which is a site dedicated to WordPress Themes and you can find out more about this topic.

WordPress Plugins for SEO the SEO SearchTerms Tagging Plugin

The SEO Searchterm tagging plugin improves On Page SEO by adding new internal linking to the blog post using the most popular keywords used by search engine visitors to find the blog post from a search engine ( incoming search terms ).

A real strong point of the WordPress SEO SearchTerms Tagging Plugin is that it is dynamic. Even without updates to the plugin it will continue to adjust to the latest search terms used by users accessing your site. I have just started using this plugin myself so I do not have a report on any noticed improvements but the logic behind it is sound and it has had over 30,000 downloads so it is certainly worth adding the SEO SearchTerms Tagging plugin to your blog SEO efforts!.

The WordPress SEO Searchterms Tagging plugin is available thru the Plugins tab on your admin panel.

  • Just click on the Plugins tab halfway down the left side and
  • then click “add New”.
  • In the search box enter ” SearchTerms Tagging Plugin”
  • and click on Search Plugins.
  • Then click on the Install Box to the left of the SEO Search Terms Plugin description that is returned.
  • That will bring up a description page of the  SearchTerms Tagging Plugin. It should say “SEO SearchTerms Tagging “.
  • Click on install now.
  • This should refresh and say “Installing Plugin: SEO SearchTerms Tagging “.  At the bottom it should have a line called “Actions” that has the option to “Activate Plugin”. Click on this.
  • If the plugin failed to install you can simply try again.
  • IF it worked you should be sent to the list of plugins on your blog.

Now if you click on the settings tab towards the bottom left of your admin Panel You should see a new entry for “SEO SearchTerms 2″. If you click on that it will bring up the Admin panel for the Plugin.

NOTE:The  SearchTerms Tagging Plugin should work straight out of the box with no changes required.

The admin panel is self explanatory. I did not change any of the stock settings when I installed it.

Here is the WordPress Plugins for SEO, SEO SearchTerms 2 plugin description from the Author:

We can also display the most popular & recent search terms in the sidebar to get a side wide internal linking to the corresponding blog post.

New since version 1.25: Automatically convert popular search terms into Post Tags.

The WordPress SEO Search Terms Tagging 2 plugin main features:

  1. Display the search terms/keywords used by visitors from search engines for each blog post.
  2. Display the most popular search term for the entire blog posts.
  3. Display the most recent search terms for the entire blog posts.
  4. Add the list of search terms automatically after the post content or manually by editing the template.
  5. Limit the search terms to be displayed.
  6. Display the search terms only or automatically change it into internal linking to the blog post or search page.
  7. Display popularity ( search counter ) after each keyword.
  8. Automatically delete unused search terms after X days.
  9. Automatically convert popular search terms into Post Tags.
  10. Display most popular search terms in the archive category ( courtesy of Pile )
  11. Delete unwanted search engine terms & delete all search terms ( reset ).
  12. Popular, Popular in Category & Recent Search Terms widgets ( you can find it on page Appearance > Widgets ).
  13. Block unwanted keywords/bad words

OK thats it for our WordPress Plugins for SEO the SEO SearchTerms Tagging Plugin article!

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