Website Ecommerce Builder – Fast, Automated and Easy.

A video review and guide to a great e-commerce tool

Here we provide a video and a written review of one of the best ecommerce solutions out there. Datafeedr is a tool that will automate the process of not only building an ecommerce web store in an existing or new blog, but will also link you up with thousands of drop ship suppliers! I have used their tool and can tell you from personal experience that it really does work and there actually are millions of products and thousands of suppliers that you can choose from. But hey, watch the video then read our review. its pretty cool!


Website Ecommerce Builder - an  actual example website!

Here is the video review of how Datafeedr works

You can click on this link to go to their website now and see a demo video and learn more now.

How to Make Money With a Blog, your blog,  with an automated e-commerce store

This Website Ecommerce Builder will create an ecommerce store in your blog!

Or it will create the entire blog AND the ecommerce store for you!

  • This Website Ecommerce Builder is not some crappy deal where it s reselling stuff for some master site either!
  • Read our overview below.
  • This Website Ecommerce Builder is the real deal.
  • And its inexpensive!
  • You can Increase Your Blog Earning Potential with an ecommerce Online Business
  • and be up and running using this Website Ecommerce Builder TODAY!

This Website Ecommerce Builder can build sites in hours, not days. Have Multiple niche market focused ecommerce sites up and running without programming!

The benefits of the DataFeedr Website Ecommerce Builder:

Using Affiliate Marketing (essentially drop shipping on steroids – you are advertising products that another company makes, sells, delivers) you get a much larger slice of the pie – 5%, 25% even up to 75% of the sale goes in your pocket . That is significantly higher percentage of the sales then with any other form of eCommerce sale that I know of.

1) DataFeedr has Thousands of manufacturers and MILLIONS of different products that you can sell online.

2) And its 100% automated.

3) Yes, with this Website Ecommerce Builder you get to pick the Type of items you want to sell, the manufacturers even the individual products.

3) But DataFeedr builds the site, loads the products, even performs SEO on the website pages.


5) That keeps the site fresh and keeps the search engines coming!


You can click on this link to go to their website now and see a demo video and learn more now.

A Website Ecommerce Builder that is Fast, Automated and Easy – An Overview:

If you’re already an affiliate marketer then you understand the fact that the more products you have to promote, the better commission checks you’re going to receive at the end of every month.

If you’re used to promoting one or two programs at a time, it’s time for you to explore a new option which will allow you to increase your profits more than you ever thought possible.

The world of internet commerce has created more opportunities for affiliate marketers than any other program ever has – the opportunity to have an entire ecommerce online storefront, full of products you can make commissions off of, all based in whatever niche you choose, inside an existing Blog! Automatically! Its the best way to make money with a blog that I know of. And its easy!

Having your own ecommerce online store is actually much simpler than most people think.

  • An easy  way to build an affiliate ecommerce store is by using data feeds.
  • Data feeds make it possible to display products from one or more merchants in the same web site.
  • Data feeds are similar to the RSS feeds used by blogs – an ecommerce store set up by a traditional offline business will place descriptions, pictures, and prices of their products into these feeds, and then affiliate marketers can incorporate these feeds into their own ecommerce store and make a commission off of each product sold.
  • With DataFeeds and a program to post them you DO NOT have to spend weeks adding products to your website!!!

If you have ever owned and ecommerce site, and I have, adding products to your site and keeping them updated is a huge time consuming task that never ends. Automated DataFeed processing eliminates that headache! The DataFeedr WordPress plugin is a Website Ecommerce Builder that uses datafeeds and is highly automated.

Yeah it really works and you get great support

You can either build your own online store, or you can utilize the services of this ecommerce solutions company who will walk you through all the steps and support you as you get your online presence built.

So if you want to Make Money with blog We recommend using the services of an ecommerce solutions company when building your ecommerce online store INSIDE OF YOUR EXISTING BLOG, simply because they already have all of the software in place to set up your data feeds.

Data feeds are the lifeblood of  DataFeedr. They have worked with hundreds and Hundreds of companies to set up datafeeds for the DataFeedr engine,.

As a result you get to select from MILLIONS of products for your  website.  You can select companies, categories, sub categories or individual products.

And DataFeedr Does the rest.

Data feeds take all the guesswork out of adding new products to your ecommerce online site, making it easier for you to make better profits with a wider selection to offer your visitors.

So If you want to Make Money With a Blog, What Are You Waiting For?

There’s never been a better time to build your own ecommerce online store, full of products that you could be making generous commissions from for every sale.

This system has millions of different products that you can choose from for your ecommerce online store; and are ready to help you get your web site up and running in no time!

Watch the video at and see how easy it is to set up your own affiliate data feed stores.

OK folks, thats our Best advice for a Website Ecommerce Builder – Fast, Automated and Easy works and gives you the website owner the biggest slice of the sales.

We do have other articles in our “How to make money blogging” Category of articles And there are articles in their on adsense and Amazon, etc. But if you want our opinion on the best way to Make Money With a Blog, DataFeedr is it. The 60 day money back guarantee, no questions asked is the kicker. You risk nothing to try it and see if you can make money with a blog. Too cool.

Thats it for this web store builder article!

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