WordPress Datafeedr Plugin

A WordPress Plugin to add a store to your Blog!

Here is a video review and a guide to a great WordPress Plugin called DataFeedr that turns any blog into an ecommerce store automatically. It is inexpensive, will make you a lot of money and pretty amazing. Read on for more. You can also click on this link to see a live DataFeedr store selling wetsuits and here is another ecommerce site made by the DataFeedr PluginThese stores were both built using the plugin in a matter of hours not days. Note that you have actual blog entries for each item. Also note that it can automatically add new items to your store daily – 3 to 5 blog articles that keep the content fresh and keep the search engines crawling. 

A video overview of how it works:

Plugin Review

This plugin takes datafeeds from many of the top stores and manufacturers and uses the data to populate an ecommerce store in your blog. YOU DEFINE WHAT CATEGORIES OF PRODUCTS YOU WANT AND the DataFeedr plugin does the searching, configuring and installation. You have the ability to change the item descriptions, headings and everything – or you can leave them stock as you receive them from the datafeeds.They now have Millions of products from thousands of vendors that you can sell. It is similar to a drop ship. People click on the buy buttons on your site and they actually order and are fulfilled at the manufacturers or retailers website. But YOU get the commission on the sale without ever carrying the inventory or lifting a finger.

And the typical commissions are fantastic = how about margins up to 75%!  That Puts Amazon and AdSense to SHAME. (Most of my products are 8% – 20%,. I do have some Clickbank products earning 50% – 75% and I have made sales on those high end ones as well).

     -> You can click on this link to go to the DataFeedr site and learn more.


Plugin capabilities

With the WordPress DataFeedr Plugin Every product gets its own dedicated page with built in SEO

  • You can create a store in an existing blog or create a stand alone store – the plugin does all the work.
  • Your affiliate store can be loaded with as many related products as YOU want!
  • The plugin can drip feed the products as frequently as you want.
  • You can use the stock descriptions and headings and titles or  create your own automated customizations or manual wording. Its up to you.
  • Everything is designed to be search engine friendly including the URL’s on down to the category descriptions,
  • You make a commission percentage on every sale because you are marketing the products for the companies.
  • If you select products that align with the subject of your blog, your blog can start to get ranked for long tailed keywords that drive targeted traffic!.
  • Long tailed key words brings very directed, traffic from people who are searching for that exact product.
  • You select the suppliers, the products and have complete control.

About the automated “drip function” that  helps to keep your store fresh.

  • As products are posted, WordPress pings out to sites, and Google comes to take a look.
  • The constant updates from the drip function can really help when it comes to search engine rankings. We at the Affiliate Store guide are really big on this. you want your site visits to go thru the floor? Then let the site get stale without new content! But how cool is it that DataFeedr gives you FRESH, AUTOMATIC CONTENT!
  • And the content is keyword rich, affiliate product pages!!!

You can combine this with other great plugins like:

  • All in one SEO,
  • automated comments

and you will have A DataFeedr monetized blog that is SEO monetized, constantly updated and all of it running automatically! Not only that but the support and forums are great! Get started and not only learn how to affiliate store but have an affiliate store software system at your finger tips that AUTOMATES THE PROCESS FOR YOU! Make some real money without taking a beating!through the forums. And you’ll find them quick to respond with friendly answers.

We hope that this  review will help you in your quest for a more automated affiliate store building solution. The WordPress DataFeedr Plugin is defiantly something that you should really consider taking a more serious look at.

OK thats it for our WordPress DataFeedr Plugin review.

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