1. Ebo Ndut says:

    I have client who wants me to add a lot of badges to his websites. The badges are clickable links to the website the badge is provided from. Will that count as a backlink to my clients website or do the websites with the badges have to contain a link to my clients website in order for it to count as a backlink?

  2. admin says:

    I will answer this by starting with the basics and getting to more complex options:
    1) If Website ” A” has a Badge on it and if they click that badge they go to website “B” then Website “B” has a backlink going to it from Website “A”.

    2) If Website “A” has a Badge on it that is not clickable (meaning it has no link – No “a href =” tag) then that badge has no backlink “juice” and no one gets a backlink from it.

    3) If You place badges on websites you can place a link in the tag to any website you want and that badge will then create a backlink to the website it has a link for.

    4) For greater “Link Juice” (importance to the search engines) make sure the link does not have the “nofollow” code in it.

    To learn more about links you can read this article on how to make backlinks: http://wordpressblog101.com/how-to-make-a-backlink

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