WordPress Shopping Plugin Guide

A WordPress Shopping Plugin Guide

In this WordPress Shopping Plugin article we are going to introduce you to TWO  WordPress Shopping plugins that we have used and that really work and add e-commerce like stores to your Blog or website!.

Wordpress Shopping Plugin Guide - A store built from a WordPress Shopping Plugin














These are a great way to monetize your blog by easily adding a store or the capability to add post related products on the fly! Also, You can click on this link to read our review of a WordPress Store Plugin that builds the entire store with your choice of 1000′s of vendors and millions of products, all automatically AND see a live store built with the plugin.

WordPress Shopping Plugin Guide

The first WordPress Shopping Plugin is the DataFeedr Plugin.

It really is the best in class and does far more then just adding shopping pages to your blog.. Here is a simple Bullet point list of whats important to know about the DataFeedr Plugin:

  • The DataFeedr Plugin Builds an affiliate store automatically in your existing blog
  • Or it can build a new wordpress blog with an affiliate store in it for you,
  • This WordPress Shopping Plugin links to Thousands of Suppliers (including retail stores, manufacturers, information sellers etc)
  • It has access to millions of products for you to sell
  • Your blog markets the products and you keep a sales commission that is generally 5% – 75%
  • I generally make 10-50% on my commissions.
  • BUT its like drop shipping. The Suppliers due the money collection and shipping to the customer.
  • You make your money by getting customers to click on the ad and buy the product from the supplier
  • This WordPress Shopping Plugin is highly automated with one of the best control panels I have ever used.
  • You CAN  be up and running with WordPress Shopping Plugin in a few hours or less!
  • You can try it out risk free for 60 days.
  • Cost is $27
  • You can click on this link to see the demo of the DataFeedR plugin, checkout there huge supplier list or sign up top try it out.

WordPress Shopping Plugin Guide – plugin 2

The second WordPress shopping  Plugin is called “WP Shopping Pages”

  • This WordPress Shopping Plugin lets you Create Shopping Pages filled with interesting products for your visitors related to any keyword, subject or niche!
  • Support for 4 different affiliate programs: Add all products from Amazon, eBay, Linkshare and Commission Junction for huge diversity and four additional sources of revenue on your blogs!
  • WP Shopping Pages does automatically display the top selling products for your keywords to increase your conversions!
  • No limit to the number of pages you can create on your blog – build big affiliate shops by adding hundreds of targeted Shopping Pages to every one of your blogs!
  • This WordPress Shopping Plugin has Optimized default templates to maximize your affiliate network earnings through your Shopping Pages!
  • Total Customization: Powerful templating system that allows you to specify exactly how you want your Shopping Pages to look on your weblogs.
  • Create large numbers of Shopping Pages at once by using keyword lists. It will barely take a minute of your work to create Shopping Pages for all the keywords you target!
  • The WordPress Shopping Plugin lets you Easily build a page (or shop) structure by declaring parent and child pages – for example to display your Shopping Pages in a neat drop-down menu (see at the top of this page!).
  • Earn affiliate commission from the Amazon and eBay affiliate programs!
  • Affiliate Link Cloaking to hide your affiliate links and increase your conversion rate.
  • Many more!

You can click on this link to find out more about WP Shopping pages. This company also has a lot of other cool WordPress plugins worth checking out.

OK thats it for our WordPress Shopping Plugin guide

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