How To WordPress

Welcome to my step by step tutorial about how to use WordPress. Here you will learn everything from how to choose and register a domain name to tracking how many visitors have visited your website. I’ll try to keep each step as simple as I can and include plenty of screen shots so you don’t get lost. You’ll find that the instructions are meant to help everyone, even people that have no clue about setting up a website. You should be able to just follow the steps, and when the tutorial is over, you’ll have your WordPress site up and running with a good understanding of how it works.

If you’ve visited this site to learn how to use WordPress on WordPress.com, you can skip the hosting and installation since WordPress.com is your host and the software is already installed for you. You can also ignore the permalink settings.

Please note: this tutorial does not include any videos. If you’d much prefer video tutorials, check out a site called iThemes (not owned by me). They have a whole bunch of free WordPress video tutorials. If you do go there, please don’t forget to come back here and check out the resources for WordPress themes and plugin providers. I also blog on sales, tips, tricks, etc. You can also sign up for my newsletter and get updates in your inbox

Self Hosted WordPress vs. WordPress.com Hosting

WordPress.com is a great solution for personal blogs. However, you are limited to using the themes and plugins that they provide, and commercial (business) activity is not allowed unless you have a premium account (a bit pricey). With a self hosted WordPress website, you are free to install themes and plugins that you choose and can use your website for business purposes.
At the top and bottom of each page there are links to the previous step and the next step. You can also find these steps in the right hand column so you can go back and forth as needed.
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