WordPress allows you to create both Pages and Posts. Pages are generally reserved for information that you wish to display in particular order, sometimes referred to as static. You would use Pages for things such as a Contact Page, an

WordPress pagesAbout Me page, Disclaimer page, etc.. Once you create pages, you can put them in the order that you want them. As a default, they are in reverse order that you create them. But you have the option to edit this and put them in the order that you want them in. WordPress does not come equipped with a simple way of putting several pages in order. You have to Quick Edit each one and number them. You can possibly, however, find a plugin to make this task easier by being able to drag and drop your list of pages into the order that you want them in. I say possibly because WordPress comes out with software updates, and plugins don’t always work with the most recent version of WordPress. You’d have to do your research to see if there’s a plugin compatible with the version of WordPress that you have installed.

You cannot put pages into categories. Pages are just pages. You can, however, have Parent Pages – a hierarchy. For instance, if you were writing about animals, you could have a Parent page that talks about dogs, and sub pages that talk about each breed.

This particular website uses Pages for the instructions on how to create a website using WordPress. I wanted to be able to put them in the order that I wanted, and keep these instructions separate from my posts.