How to put Adsense on wordpress 3 plugins and a video guide!

A guide to Adsense for WordPress Websitese! In this article we introduce you to three great Adsense plugins and we provide a free video review of how to use Adsense. Learning how to set up Adsense the right way will only take you 30 minutes or so and it really can make you a lot [...]

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WordPress Plugins How To Guide

How to use wordpress plugin

How to do anything with a WordPress Plugin WordPress is the best blogging and affiliate store software out there. In this Guide to using Plugins with your wordpress blog, we will show you how to add all kinds of new functions to your blog with a few clicks of a mouse! Also, you can click [...]

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Adsense WP Themes


What are the best Adsense Themes for WordPress? Here are 15 Adsense Rerady WP Themes that are FREE and let you get flexible with your advertising strategy! All of these Adsense WordPress Themes are designed to use Google Adsense for income (Money!) and are available for free download with your WordPress Admin panel. These WordPress [...]

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How to Use WordPress Plugin and The Top 20 WordPress Plugins

how to use wordpress plugins

Wordpress plugins are functions that you can add to your wordpress blog by just adding them and automatically installing them (If you do not know how to add a wordpress plugin then just click on the following link to read our article on Wordpress Plugin How To Guide

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WordPress Plugins for SEO the SEO SearchTerms Tagging Plugin

Kaylees Camera Pics, 1 082

The SEO Searchterm tagging plugin improves On Page SEO by adding new internal linking to the blog post using the most popular keywords used by search engine visitors to find the blog post from a search engine ( incoming search terms ).

A real strong point of this PLugin is that it is dynamic. Even without updates to the plugin it will continue to adjust to the latest search terms used by users accessing your site. I have just started using this plugin myself so I do not have a report on any noticed improvements but the logic behind it is sound and it has had over 30,000 downloads so it is certainly worth adding to your blog SEO efforts

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Woothemes Premiere WordPress Video Theme

Woothemes Premiere WordPress Video Theme I am so glad the Woothemes Premiere WordPress Video Theme is here! Finally a true professional quality Video WordPress Theme! Out of the box it has a great video slider that lets you play the video not just click on it and go to a post page to play it. [...]

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FREE WP Robot Review and Guide from someone who is actually using WP Robot and not just selling it

A FREE WP Robot Review and Guide This WP Robot Review is by someone who is actually using it on a site the RIGHT way and can tell you the real Pro’s and Con’s! UPDATE: Since the Google Panda update autoblogs have lost a lot of favor. Google is looking for quality content. However autoblogging [...]

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How to Photo Blog

How to Photo Blog I am going to give you a brief guide here on How to Photo Blog focusing on 3 basic subjects: How to Photo Blog with WordPress How to Photo Blog with a WordPress Theme meant for Photo Blogging How to Photo Blog by adding a simple WordPress Photo Blogging Plugin to [...]

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WordPress How to Make Money Passively with WordPress Blogs


WordPress How to Make Money Passively with WordPress Blogs This article,WordPress How to Make Money Passively with WordPress Blogs,  describes one of several ways you can make money with wordpress blogs. It focuses on using autoblogging techniques. You can click on this link to read our article onnhow you can add a store to your [...]

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