Best Adsense Plugin

Get the Best Free Adsense Plugin for wordpress In this article on The Best WordPress Plugin for Adsense we show you a great FREE plugin that helps you make more money with Google Adsense! We also show you several other best in class  Plugins to consider. The Best Adsense Plugin is a FREE plugin available [...]

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WordPress Socrates Theme

The Wordpress Socrates Theme is designed for Internet Marketing

You’ve never seen a Wordpress theme as easy to use with so much functionality that is focused on Sales, Marketing and ease of use.

Why spend weeks struggling to make a Wordpress Theme meet your needs only to end up with a blog that looks like everybody elses and does not allow you to monetize it the way you want.

The Wordpress Socrates Theme is quick to set up. Promise (I HATE WP THEMES that take forever to set up so I won’t advertise one and I certainly won’t tell you its good if it sucks). This one is great.

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How To Make Money With Blog with an automated e-commerce store

wordpress store plugin datafeedr really works

The world of internet commerce has created more opportunities for affiliate marketers than any other program ever has – the opportunity to have an entire ecommerce online storefront, full of products you can make commissions off of, all based in whatever niche you choose, inside an existing Blog! Automatically! Its the best way to make money with a blog that I know of. And its easy!

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How to Monetize Your Blog


That is because with Affiliate Marketing:

* You don’t have to carry inventory
* You don’t have to have a state sales tax code
* You don’t have to have a shopping cart
* You don’t have to mess with excepting payments
* You don’t have to mess with returns
* AND YOUR PROFIT MARGIN IS 25% – 75% of the sale!!

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