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Wordpress SEO Plugin called SEOPressor

Recommended SEO PlugIns for WordPress There are a lot of SEO PlugIns for wordpress out there. Here are my top 8  recommendations. In addition you can easilly search for more FREE plugins thru your wordpress admin panelk. Just click on the Plugins tab on the left hand side and then click on add new. This [...]

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How to Backup WordPress – use the BackupWordPress Plugin

How to Backup Wordpress - use the BackupWordpress Plugin

How to backup wordpress is EASYwhen you use the best wordpress backup plugin: Backupwordpress!

Its easy to use, simple to configure and you will have your site backed up in minutes. NO NEED TO MONKEY WITH MYSQL or cpanel or anything!

Note: If you don’t know how to install plugins or find any of this confusing, click on this link to read our Wordpress how to Beginners manual

How top back up wordpress step by step instructions:

1) Login to your wordpress blog admin panel

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WordPress Plugins for SEO the SEO SearchTerms Tagging Plugin


The SEO Searchterm tagging plugin improves On Page SEO by adding new internal linking to the blog post using the most popular keywords used by search engine visitors to find the blog post from a search engine ( incoming search terms ).

A real strong point of this PLugin is that it is dynamic. Even without updates to the plugin it will continue to adjust to the latest search terms used by users accessing your site. I have just started using this plugin myself so I do not have a report on any noticed improvements but the logic behind it is sound and it has had over 30,000 downloads so it is certainly worth adding to your blog SEO efforts

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WordPress Store Plugin, a WP Store Plugin Review

These new Breed of E Commerce companies sell automated plug and play software (yes available as a wp store plugin) that will automatically set up an E Commerce Blog for you. It can be in an existing blog (and capitalize on traffic you already have) or in a new blog. It doesn’t matter. If you think you may be interested in beginning your own online business, you can find out more at

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The Keyword Statistics Plugin for WordPress Search Engine Optimization

Use the Keyword Statistics Plugin for Wordpress Search Engine Optimization!

Keyword-Statistics Plugin for Wordpress is a great SEO tool. I use it on all my websites. My favorite attributes of the plugin are the fact that it takes care of the 3 main SEO Meta tags – The Title, Description and Keyword tags automatically BUT it allows you to overide them and type in your own when you want to.

The keyword density features are great as well. From the Keyword Statistics website we get their write up on the kwyword statistics plugin for wordpress as follows

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How to use Lightbox in wordpress

The Lightbox plugin for photos in wordpress

You can click on the link below to Download or you can just search in wordpress add plugins and find the lightbox 2 plugin. Before reading this how to use lightbox in wordpress article If you don’t know how to use wordpress plugins or how to install woordpress plugins then I suggest you click on this link and read some of our How to wordpress plugin articles:

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