H Tags and SEO

Meta tags and seo - making your page readable makes google happy

The "H" Meta Tags and SEO This information On the Header meta tags and their affect on Search Engine Optimiization is straight and to the point. It is condensed and made more readable but its source is from the Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. You can read the 30 plus page Google guide at [...]

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Latent Semantics Indexing

Latent Semantics Indexing for on page SEO and Google Ranking! In this article, Latent Semantics Indexing, we tell you what Latent Semantic indexing, or LSI, is. How Google uses LSI technology and latent semantic analysis to determine what your website is about and how you can use LSI and Synonyms for Search Engine Optimization to [...]

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WordPress Plugins for SEO the SEO SearchTerms Tagging Plugin


The SEO Searchterm tagging plugin improves On Page SEO by adding new internal linking to the blog post using the most popular keywords used by search engine visitors to find the blog post from a search engine ( incoming search terms ).

A real strong point of this PLugin is that it is dynamic. Even without updates to the plugin it will continue to adjust to the latest search terms used by users accessing your site. I have just started using this plugin myself so I do not have a report on any noticed improvements but the logic behind it is sound and it has had over 30,000 downloads so it is certainly worth adding to your blog SEO efforts

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How to SEO WordPress and the FREE Scroogle Scraper Tool

The Free Scroogle Scraper Tool has several great benefits

o why arent’t they getting traffic if they are now in the top 5 on the SERP for Google? The answer is that they really aren’t.

You see Google takes a bias towards you and your past searches. So if you search on your keywords and click on your Website when you see it in the SERPs then Google says “Ah ha! this person likes this site” and notes it as such. And when you search on keywords that are contained within this site google moves it up higher on the results list for YOU. Not for everyone on the web because they had not shown a preference for that site. Just for you.

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Definition Search Engine

Definition: Search engine As part of our Beginners Series we are including this basic definition of Search Engine: Definition Search Engine: A search engine is a program designed to help find files stored on a computer, for example a public server on the World Wide Web, or one's own computer Google, Yahoo and Bing are [...]

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