White Hat and Black Hat SEO Defined

white hat and bloack hat SEO defined for you

In this article on White Hat and Black Hat SEO Defined we tell you what are the correct ways -the “White Hat” ways to optimize your website for the Search Engines (SEO) and what are the wrong ways, the “Black Hat” ways and we tell you how the Black Hat Methods can get your website in trouble

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Adsense WP Themes

What are the best Adsense Themes for WordPress? Here are 15 Adsense Rerady WP Themes that are FREE and let you get flexible with your advertising strategy! All of these Adsense WordPress Themes are designed to use Google Adsense for income (Money!) and are available for free download with your WordPress Admin panel. These WordPress [...]

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How to get more blog traffic

How to get more blog traffic - traffic means money!

In this article on How to get more blog traffic we tell you the 10 basic steps you need to follow AND we give you plenty of free links for more information if you want to get into the details.

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Google SEO and the H1, Title and Description meta tags

If you are trying to optomize your website for google search results then you need to pay attention to the title and Description meta tags and H1 header tags. More articles like this can be seen at www.wordpressblog101.com

This information is straight and to the point. It is from the Google Search engine Optomization Starter Guide.

1) The Title Meta Tag and SEO and Search engine results:
You must create unique, accurate page titles for each page of your blog just as you would have unique keywords and content.. The Title Meta Tags purpose is to tell both readers and search engines what the topic of a particular page is. The Title Meta tag should be placed within the header tag of the HTML document. Ideally you should create a unique title that reflects the contents of the article.

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H Tags and SEO

Meta tags and seo - making your page readable makes google happy

The "H" Meta Tags and SEO This information On the Header meta tags and their affect on Search Engine Optimiization is straight and to the point. It is condensed and made more readable but its source is from the Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. You can read the 30 plus page Google guide at [...]

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How to Use WordPress Plugin and The Top 20 WordPress Plugins

How to use wordpress plugin

Wordpress plugins are functions that you can add to your wordpress blog by just adding them and automatically installing them (If you do not know how to add a wordpress plugin then just click on the following link to read our article on Wordpress Plugin How To Guide

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Latent Semantics Indexing

Latent Semantics Indexing for on page SEO and Google Ranking! In this article, Latent Semantics Indexing, we tell you what Latent Semantic indexing, or LSI, is. How Google uses LSI technology and latent semantic analysis to determine what your website is about and how you can use LSI and Synonyms for Search Engine Optimization to [...]

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The Clickbump SEO plugin

The clickbump SEO Plugin for on page SEO and LSI

I hate to admit it but The Clickbump SEO plugin is doing fantastic! I purchased the Clickbump SEO Plugin to improve my on page SEO and my search engine rankings. You do not need an SEO Expert to tell you that can’t make money if no one finds your blog or your blog posts. Everyone [...]

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5 FREE Keyword Tools for Keyword Research

Well in this article I’m going to give you some great links to what I think are the best free keyword tools for keyword research on the web to help you with your keyword analysis. They’ll give you some great stats to work with and hopefully do the job you were hoping for.

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Woothemes Simplicity WordPress Business Theme Review

Woothemes Simplicity WordPress business theme In this Article, Woothemes Simplicity WordPress business theme, we review the highlights and features of this simple but elegant WordPress Theme that comes loaded with features “right out of the Box”!. Simplicity is a business theme that is hugely customizable with a clean layout, featured home page slider, and custom [...]

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