How to Backup WordPress – use the BackupWordPress Plugin

How to Backup Wordpress - use the BackupWordpress Plugin

How to backup wordpress is EASYwhen you use the best wordpress backup plugin: Backupwordpress!

Its easy to use, simple to configure and you will have your site backed up in minutes. NO NEED TO MONKEY WITH MYSQL or cpanel or anything!

Note: If you don’t know how to install plugins or find any of this confusing, click on this link to read our Wordpress how to Beginners manual

How top back up wordpress step by step instructions:

1) Login to your wordpress blog admin panel

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How to set up WordPress

How to set up Wordpress information

This How to Set Up Wordpress guide assumes that you have already installed wordpress on a server and have logged in to your new wordpress site. If you have not done these things yet click on this link to read our entire begginners guide to learn everything else you need to know ok?

How to Set Up Wordpress will cover the following topics:

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WordPress How to Videos

Wordpress How to Videos make learning wordpress easy!

Learn WordPress with educational Videos!! In this article we introduce you to an entire WordPress Video Training Library that you can get for $5 bucks! AND we give you links to free videos. Check out the xanples below. This is the way to go!   If you want to learn WordPress, Video based Training is [...]

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How to Make a WordPress Website

Getting Started With WordPress This Using WordPress guide we give you instructions AND links to our main categories of information where you can find dozens of articles on how to get started in wordpress and how to use its many features. If you just want one overall article on how to get started with wordpress you [...]

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How to WordPress Beginners Guide

How to WordPress Beginners Guide This WordPress How to guide starts with the absolute basics and gets you to the point of how to WP and start a blog! If you are looking for specific How to WP information or topics click on any of these links to go directly to those WordPress How to Categories: [...]

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How to add adsense to wordpress


How to add Adsense to Wordpress?

Google makes Adsense easy and so does Wordpress. Here are a few step by step instructions on how to add Adsense to your blog:

1) The easiest thing to do is start with a Wordpress plugin to quickly get you making money with adsense’

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WordPress Static Page How To Make one!

wordpress static page how to make one

What is a Wordpress static page anyhow?? A Wordpress Static Page is also called a “Splash Page” or a landing page. Knowing How To Make A Wordpress Static Page is a great way to get your core Blog message to your audience. With a Wordpress static page everyone that goes to your home page will read your core message. This is very common with Niche sites.

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Blog Static Page – how to make one

Blog Static Page - how to make one

How to Create a Splash Page for your blog! In this article we teach you how to set up your blog so you have a static or "Splash" landing page. Basically this is so that your readers seee the same article or message whenever they go to the home page of your blog. People do [...]

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