Google Keyword Tool Links for FREE Google Tools and Info

Google Keyword Tool Links for FREE Google Tools and Info

This Google Keyword Tool Links for FREE Google Tools and Info article is full of Free Google Tools like the Google Keyword Tool and has links to other google tools and advice on related tools and information. It is worth your time to review. It will help you in your seo efforts. Plus it is a pain to find the Classic google Keyword Tool nowadays.

Google Keyword Tool Links for Free Google Info

Google Keyword Tool Links for FREE Google Tools and Info

Here is a Link to the Google Keyword Tool
This is the Classic Google Keyword Tool. Understand that this is NOT a substitute for a Keyword Software System
that you pay for but are worth the investment. The classic Google Keyword Tools is a quick and dirty way to find keywords and how often they are searched on.But of all the free google tools this is probably the best known and most widely used.

NOTE ALSO: Do NOT mistake the competition bar graph for competition on the keyword. It is for competition as an adword on pay per click. That is a huge difference! Unfortunately I think 90% of the people out there don’t realize this and thus take a good idea by Google (The Google Keyword Tool) and misuse it and don’t get the results they want and then think that they just don’t get SEO or that free Google tools suck.

Here is a link for Google Keyword Tool Tips  This has nice basic advice on using the Google Keyword Tool.

Here is a Link to the New Google Keyword Tool that is Search based

The main difference between the Search-based Keyword Tool and the Keyword Tool currently in AdWords is that the former generates keyword ideas based on your website, and identifies those currently not being used in your AdWords account. Additionally, the Search-based Keyword Tool provides more detailed data for each keyword, such as category information, suggested bid that may place the ad in the top three spots of a search results page, and ad/search share. Both tools, however, offer the option of browsing all keywords across all categorie

Here is a link to Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a must have if you are serious about optomizing your website. It shows who’s getting to your site, how often, with what search terms, what keywords, etc. VITAL and easy to set up (you create an account, enter your website domain, they give you a Google analytics code that you place in your blog (NOTE: use Ultimate Google Analytics WordPress plugin  or all in one webmaster WordPress plugin and you just go in the settings configuration, put the code in the field, save and you are done. It takes a day or so for google to start tracking the new site.

Google Keyword Tool Links for FREE Google Tools and Info- More!

Here is a link to Google Webmaster Central
Google Webmaster Tools is a free service provided by Google to help new and experienced webmaster check on their indexing and raise the visibility of their website(s). The range of tools offered on Google Webmaster Tools can help you SEO your website and thereby create  traffic generation.

Here is a link for Google Webmaster Guidelines. This is a must read and understand link. full of basic search engine crawling info and FAQ’s

Here is a link to the google Search Engine Optomization guide  This is a must read guide if you want to SEO your site…..or you can pay a bunch of money for software that will tell you the same thing. Be smart. Read the Google guide instead!

Here is a link ti Submit New Website Name to Google for indexing
You can use this if you are not using google analytics and google webmaster. Make sure you are using the Google XML Sitemap plugin for wordpress (Click on this Link to read about this and other important wordpress plugins)to generate your sitemap and submit it to google and other search engines for indexing.  

Here is a link to Verify Googlebot to check your websites indexing. but this is available thru google webmaster central already.


Here is a link to Google AdSense to Monetize your Website if you like making pennies
I personally think that using google adsense to send paying customers off of your website so they can make some other website lots of money while google pays you pennies per click is a bad idea. you are better off using targeted affiliate sales and affiliate stores within your blog. That way you get to keep 25% – 75% of the sale With little work.

Here is a link to an article about DataFeedr which is a wordpress plugin that will automatically create an affiliate store within your blog. IT IS NOT a free google tool but it is an easy to used automated system to make money off your blog with little effort. 

Here is a link to Google Toolbar with a nice PageRank indicator.

Here is a link that someone sent me to the Google Official SEO Starter Guide - This was supposedly an internal document for google workers to use in discussing imoproving website SEO with customers. I saw this a while back but had lost the link. Very good info here.

NOTE I did not include links to free google tools like Wonder Wheel as I personally find this is child like and of little use.

Note that my website is  not affiliated with I am just trying to help people find stuff they need in one spot.
| Googleâ„¢ and PageRankâ„¢ are a trademarks of Google Inc.   |   Google’s Terms of Service.


OK Thats it for this Google Keyword Tool Links for FREE Google Tools and Info article!

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