How to add a WordPress Store Plugin to a Blog to make money Guide!

A WordPress ecommerce plugin review!

In this WordPress Store eCommerce Plugin article I show you How to add an ecommerce Store to any WordPress Blog and I guide you thru the process and I show you an actual up and running store!.This WordPress store plugin works with any WordPress Theme to make an online ecommerce store in a few hours. I used the Datafeedr plugin 3.0 version (it is a dramatic improvement over the 1.0 version) to create an affiliate store in my blog in about 2 hours! The latest Datafeedr release is one of the most professional pieces of WordPress software that I have had the pleasure to use and I plan on making another store in another blog.You can click on the following link to go directly to the DataFeedr Website and check it out, watch a video on how to set up a store or buy the plugin:

You can click on this link to go to the Datafeedr 3.0 affiliate store website and check it out.

A wordpress eCommerce store plugin
How this Online Store Plugin Works

OK Datafeedr lets you make money by creating a store in your WordPress blog.  It does this by connecting to a datafeed from a one of the thousands of suppliers in the many supplier networks they have joined with and these suppliers have hundreds of millions of products.

I used the Datafeedr plugin to automatically generate a blog store and it was easy. I can modify this store and improve on it just as you would any wordpress blog but I have left it just as it was generated with the software.

The entire process start to finish was a few hours. Period.

The process is simple. I signed up for the plugin, installed it in my blog and followed their setup procedure. I chose 2 vendors from commission junction and they had 813,000 products to choose from (From only 2 vendors. Cool. they really do have millions and millions of products to sell).

OK so why is this the best way to add a store to your wordpress blog?

Its easy and you make a lot of money!

  • With an affiliate store you stock no product.
  • You do not need a shopping cart or a credit card processing agreement. The Supplier does all that.
  • You buy no product.
  • You don't do the shipping
  • You don't mess with returns
  • Its like drop shipping on steroids.
  • This WordPress store plugin is highly automated and easy to use

You market the product thru your website and all sales are handled by the supplier. You get a cut of the sale for bringing in the buyer. You are marketing their products. Just like Amazon does for hundreds of thousands of sellers!

So How much money do you make By adding Datafeedr store to your blog?

Its all about how many people you can get ot your blog. The more people the more sales. If the products in your store are related tothe subject of your blog and you get targetted readers to your blog, people who are their because they are interested in the subject, then you will have a higher click thru rate (The percentage of people that click on an item in your store with intent to learn more or buy),

You get to keep an average of 10% of the sale or so based upon what I have seen. it varies from vendor to vendor and like I said they have thousands of suppliers.

Some products are as high as 50% -  75% for electronic download items and as low as 1% (OK I would not sell anything for less then 4-6% and I shoot for 10%+) for some items.


Using the Natural bed and Bedding store that I created with this WordPress store plugin as an example, I have 2 vendors supplying my store and I get 10% of the sale from one and 8% from the other. My products range from $20 bucks to $5000 bucks (So I could not afford to sell them if I had to carry the inventory) but I get 10% of the high dollar items sale.

If I Sell just one of the $2000 – $5000 items a month I will make more then 98% of the blog owners do out there in a month!

And the reality of using this WordPress store plugin is that it is so easy that I will add more vendors as time goes on and have a broad range of products at a broad range of profit margins.

Datafeedr Version 3.0 Review check out a Real  affiliate stores made by DataFeedr!

You can cut and paste this web address into your browser to see a real nice datafeedr store selling wetsuits

OK so how did the DataFeedr plugin work and how hard is it etc?

OK so using the Datafeedr WordPress Store Plugin- how long did it take how much did it cost?

  1. I paid $27 for it. This is a steal. This is the best software I have used for a WordPress blog yet. And I own several packages that go for up to $200!
  2. It took me 10 minutes to download and install the plugin.
  3. It took me about 20 minutes to set up a commission junction account and find some vendors with products that I wanted to put in my store (they have dozens and dozens of major markets like commission junction and thousands of vendors I believe and millions of products.
  4. It took me about an hour to figure out how to set up a store in the WordPress store plugin automated factory tool and to start adding products.
  5. Since then I spent about an hour or two refining it.
  6. And now its done!
  7. The WordPress store plugin is set to drip feed new products to my store every 1-3 hours for the next 2 months (you do better in Google if you don't just dump a 1000 new pages on your blog in one day.)
  8. Each item gets its own page post. Notice how the website looks like a blog and not a store. That was my choice. Its all in the Theme you use and the WordPress store plugin makes it fast and easy!
  9. I choose the free theme Graphene. But I may change it. It is too narrow for my taste I think. I like a wide main blog page with a sidebar on each side. For this store I want to make sure that my blog posts stand out so people read them and then I can put links in the posts to item in the store!
  10. Now I am working on getting links to the blog to bring in traffic and make sales!


This wordpress plugin works better then advertised (I don't say that very often).

So The Datafeedr version 3.0 builds a store in any wordpress blog or even builds an entire store only from scratch!

IT IS EASIER THEN DROPSHIPPING – because you don't have to have a shopping cart and collect the money and pay the drop shipper.

The profit margins are great and the overhead is low – No inventory to carry and you do not have to do the shipping!

The WordPress store plugin works great, they have a terrific support forum and I am going to use this WordPress store plugin to create another store in another blog or maybe a new blog with a specific store in mind. I will add a review of that when I get it done.

But if you want to add a store to your WordPress blog this Datafeedr WordPress Store Plugin is the way to go!!

OK thats it for our WordPress Ecommerce Plugin  Article!

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  1. Hi Admin,On a similar note,, I was wondering if i can turn a wordpress blog into an ecommerce store if i add a plugin to it or do the plug ins only work for hosted wordpress websites. Thanks for your help.Cheers

  2. admin says:

    No the wordpress store plugins work for any wordpress site hosted anywhere.
    The Datafeedr plugin is reviewed on this site is easy, really works and you dont have to carry inventory for its products and they have millions of products by thousands of participating vendors.
    There are other plugins that make a ecommerce store but you have to come up with the products to sell yourself.

  3. REGGIE says:

    Cheers mate and thanks for this fresh point of view, I really enjoed it.

  4. DAMIAN says:

    Rock n’ roll, cool article mate, thanks a lot!

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