Why you should backup wordpress and How to backup WordPress!

Why you should backup wordpress and How to backup WordPress!

In this article on Why you should backup wordpress and How to backup WordPress! we show you the quick and easy way to do this vital task!

Why you should backup wordpress and How to backup WordPress!










Why Should I Backup my WordPress DB?

1) Because it could get hacked and you might need to restore it!

2) Because you could make a change and mess it up real bad and need to restore it!

3) Because there could be disk or software failures that corrupts it and you need to restore it!.

Since people are mostly making use of WordPress for creating websites, hackers are trying their best to gain entry into the sites in order to hack them. Hence, it is very important to update your WordPress to the latest version. Another important option that you need to take into account is taking regular backup of your site. If your site gets hacked, you can simply reload the database and files and your site will be normal within a few minutes.

How often you should do a WordPress database backup?

Depending on the number of posts you add to your site and the comments you receive, you should do a WordPress database backup. Keep in mind that you if you take a backup of your site today and after a week something bad happen to your site, when you try to restore the backup, you will be able to retrieve all the lost data till the time you had taken backup; however, you will not be able to take retrieve the comments that your site received after the backup was done. Hence, it is advisable to take a backup every two or three days.

How to do a WordPress database backup?

How to backup wordpress is EASYand FREE when you use the best wordpress backup plugin: Backupwordpress!

Its easy to use, simple to configure and you will have your site backed up in minutes. NO NEED TO MONKEY WITH MYSQL or cpanel or anything!

Note: If you don’t know how to install plugins or find any of this confusing, click on this link to read our WordPress how to Beginners manual

How to back up wordpress step by step instructions:

1) Login to your wordpress blog admin panel

2) Half way down the tabs on the left side click on plugins

3) Click on add new

4) In the search field enter Backupwordpress and click on search plugins;

5) You will only get 1 or 2 back. But click on install for the “BackupWordpress” Plugin.

6) Then click on install now that is in the bright red button in the upright hand corner.

7) Then click on activate plugin

8) They hid the configuration for the BackUpWordpress plugin in the Dashboard(usually it would be in Settings) So go to the Dashboard

9) Click on the little arrow at the end of the BackUpWordpress word in the dashboard about halfway down the left side

10) Click on Start By configuring the Options

11) It will suggest a place to store the backups. Click on save to accept it.

12) Then click on continue.

13) This will bring up the main control panel as seen below. You just have to decide how often to run the back up and if you want a copy emailed to you (Not a bad idea). I suggest the full weekly backup. Or daily if you are in the middle of developing your website and changing it alot every day. Click Save for anything that you change.


Configuration options below. For more options, please swith to AdvancedMode »

Backup Path

This is where all your backups go. You can put them anyplace within your website folder on your web server

/home/your website folder/wordpressblog101.com

Basic Scheduling

Do you want BackUpWordPress to be scheduled and run automatically?

Backup Type: Full Backup Weekly: is not activated  (You then click on the “activate »” link to activate this)
Backup Type: SQL Only Backup Daily: is not activated (You then click on the “activate »” link to activate this)

Mail Setup

Do you want to receive your backups automatically by email?

Mail to: Please separate multiple email addresses with commas.


Yes, send me my backups as long as they are smaller than
MB (megabytes)

14) Thats it. Thats how to backup wordpress using the BackupWordpress  plugin!

the backups will now run automatically for what ever period you selected!

Here is a list of the BackUp WordPress plugin features in case you want to know more about How to BackupWordpress with this plugin.



  • Switch between EasyMode and AdvancedMode
  • Database backup as well as directory structure including uploaded files, plugins, etc.
  • Set up Mail notification on new backups
  • Trigger backup manually
  • Set basic schedules for your backups
  • restore backups
  • staggered SQL import when restoring
  • automatically continue unfinished backups in background
  • download backups
  • Help page
  • Language Support for english and german(deutsch)

more option in AdvancedMode:

  • Set and manage custom schedules
  • Check disk space
  • View backup Logs
  • Delete backups manually
  • Manage backup presets
  • Manage exclude-lists for use with these presets

Support Forum

For support questions, please search and post at our Support forum: WordPress Designpraxis Forum


BackUpWordPress utilizes several Open Source Tools

OK thats it for this Why you should backup wordpress and How to backup WordPress! Article

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