How To Blog Protect, WP Protect

How to Blog Protect, WP Protect

This How To Blog Protect, WP Protect article covers a few methods to help protect your blog from being copied or duplicated.

I recently have had one of my blogs copied multiple times and recreated under slightly different name variations (adding an s to the last word in the domain for example). The kicker is that it is a Niche Blog that is based upon a search term that is only used 3600 times a month. So some clown is copying the blog multiple times to get a small piece of a small niche blog!

But I want to Blog Protect and WP Protect (sorry for the bad english trying to get the Search engines to see the search terms you know) some of my better sites. So I have a vested interest in How to Blog Protect and more specifically, Wp Protect (WordPress Protect).

First the Bad news. I have found no legitimate way from entirely disabling View Source. So they can use the same theme as you and, dwspite your best efforts to blog protect and WP Protect, they can view your source and copy how you do certain tricks to make your blog look different or copy its special features.

But here is direct advice on what you can do to Blog protect and WP Protect your WordPress site:

1) Cheten gote has created a Copy Protecttion plugin Called WP CopyProtect. This will Blog Protect and WP Protect by helping to keep people from copying your content.

His website has all the following information available for you to read at:

Just go to Plugins. Select Add New and search on “Copy Protect”. Here is the plugin entry you want (there are others this is the one I am using):

WP-CopyProtect [Protect your posts] 1.9.1
Protect your blog content from getting copied. A simple plug-in developed to stop the Copy cats
This plug-in will
Disable selection of text
Disable right click on your blog
So that no one can simply copy and paste the content of your blog in there blog or site.
Please note
Both disable right click and disable selection of text can be switch ON or OFF through Settings menu.
You must enabl… By Chetan Gole.


Click install and it installs the same as them all. BUT YOU WILL HAVE TO GO TO THE SETTINGS PAGE TO ENABLE IT. The settinmgs page is copied below with both the enabling boxes select. Note that you can enter whatever you want in the text box to warn off content thieves:

WP-CopyProtect Options

Commands accepted

Now, its the time to bang the copy cats. Select the proper options as per your needs
Disable right mouse click: check to activate
This warning will be given to right clickers.
Disable text selection: check to activate. Not working ?
Save settings :
Please note : This is just a basic copy protect plug-in, if someone want to copy your content he/she can go to source of the blog and can easily copy the stuff from there. Most copy cats use your blogs RSS feeds to steal the content. Always select “Summary” at “For each article in a feed, show” in WordPress admin panel “Reading Settings” so that even if someone try to copy your content from feeds he/she can not copy the whole post.

Whats next ?

Why don’t you write a post about WP-CopyProtect ?

Problems, Questions, Suggestions ?

Catch me on WP-CopyProtect Homepage

Thank you

Plug in developed by Chetan Gole.
Follow me on Twitter @Chetan_Gole

2) Protect your RSS Feed:

Note from chetan’s plugin notes above he gives this valuable RSS Feed tip to Blog Protect and WP Protect against people copying from your RSS Feed:

  • ” Most copy cats use your blogs RSS feeds to steal the content.
  • Always select “Summary” at “For each article in a feed, show” in WordPress admin panel “Reading Settings”
  • so that even if someone try to copy your content from feeds he/she can not copy the whole post.”

3) Try to catch people who are doing it. If enough bloggers enact these measures then we can at least slow down the average thief.

Here is another plugin U am using to blog protect, WP protect from copiers and content thiefs:

It is called WP-PreventCopyBlogs by Johnu George. You can read more at his website:

(NOTE: If you need to provide information to your blog readers, like I am here, it is OK to use quotes and infomormation from a service provider as long as you credit them and at least link to the source website and page.  UNLESS they say they do not want their text copied or duplicated. But it is the intent that counts. Here I am promoting their product to bloggers for them):

Here is the functionality liste dby Johnu George and the install instructions

WP-PreventCopyBlogs [Protect your WordPress Blogfrom fraudulent copies] 2.1
This plugin can,
1.Track the visitors who try to copy your content.
2.Record the ip of the user who tries to do fraudulent copy with their landing url of your site and referral url.This can help you to do necessary measures if you notice something bad.
3.Enable Message displayed to your user upon user’s choice.
4.Disable Selection of you text and Right Click for users depending on the op… By Johnu George.

Go into settings after install. you  have to give yor host and database logins so it can access your DB to record copy thiefs in action. Here is what it looks like when done (Courtesy of JohnU).

The settings page look like this where you can add database details and click on save settings.


4) Protect your code from “View Source” from the amatuers:

The only way I know to do this so far (and I do not know if it would impact anything but I  don’t see why) is to

fill your source with 60 or 120 lines of blank spaces at the top. Then when they hit view source they won’t see it and think you have it cloaked.

Better yet you could put some coment in that was a legal threatening sounding documetn that might scare them off. I will try that when i Get time.

Finally, I wonder if you can put the code in all white characters so it is hard to see/read? Anyone?

OK That is all for tonight.

I will add more How to Blog protect, WP Protect information to this post as I find it out.

If anyone knows how to disable the view source let me know OK?

 OK thats it for this How To Blog Protect, WP Protect article!

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