How to get more blog traffic

10 steps to getting More people to find your Blog!

In this article on How to get more blog visitors we tell you the 10 basic steps you  need to follow AND we give you plenty of free links for more information if you want to get into the details. While blogging is fun it is a lot more fun when people are reading your blog, your blog posts are ranked on the first page of Google AND you are actually making a little money off of your blog with Adsense or other money making activities! You can click this link to find a FREE Adsense Ready Theme to use on your blog too!

How to get more blog traffic - traffic means money!






Helping people find your blog – The 10 basic steps

1) Do keyword research to target the content of your blog posts.

  • Each post should focus on one keyword or keyword phrase -  like "Labrador retrievers" or "How to train a Labrador retriever".
  • Before you settle on the phrase click on this go to the Google Keyword Tool and  determine how many people search for that term. It will do you little good to focus your article on a term that no one is looking for!
  • You  can click on this link to read our article on how to use the Google Keyword Tool for keyword research.

2) How to get website traffic by doing On Page SEO Religously when you write a post!

  • Google and your readers want articles that are easy to read and give them the information they need.
  • On Page SEO defines how you should format your article, where you should use your keyword phrase, how you should link you article to other articles to give the users more information AND the search engines more information in how your websites posts relate to each other.
  • I Can NOT stress enough the importance of good on page SEO.
  • You can click on this link to read our article on the clickbump seo plugin which helps automate 99% of On page SEO!

3) Get your blog posts on social media sites

  • Social media sites are sites like Posterious. Facebook, Tumblr, Digg etc.
  • This is where the internet is headed. If people are on the social media sites then you need links to your wbesite on thsose same sites!
  • You can set up accounts on these sites and post a paragraph about each blog post with a link back to it.
  • You can also use plugins to do this. I pay $10 a month for the Onlywire Plugin. It is available thru your wordpress plugins panel. There are some free ones too. Or you can do it by hand.

4) How to get more blog traffic by avoiding bad blog practices:

  • Copying and pasting other peoples articles – called scraping – as your own may save you time but it will give you less of an advantage when trying to get ranked by the search engines.
  • DO NOT use spun articles. These are articles that have the words changed to make them theoretically unique but they read like crap and Google has become smart enough to stop ranking such pages well. Plus your readers will hate it1
  • Avoid auto blogging except in limited use which goes beyond the topic here.
  • DO NOT use "Black Hat" techniques to get traffic – this is anything to fake Google and the search engines out. This are nasty tricks like stuffing a page with keywords  that are in white letters so they don't show up to the reader but they do to the search engines, or many other bad practices. The search engines are smarter then you and will catch you and ban your site. Think ZERO VISITORS.

5) Get backlinks to your blog.

  • Backlinks are links from someone else's blog to yours.
  • You can get these when people find your article and refer to it naturally because it is so good.
  • You can make your own by going to other sites and commenting on their articles and then referring back to yours with a link.
  • You can get automated tools to help with this or you can pay people.
  • You want to build backlinks slowly at first and ramping up of weeks and months.
    1. DO NOT flood a blog with thousands of links at one time. If you have 10 links and the next day you have 30,000 Google will realize this is unnatural and penalize you.
    2. DO NOT spam other sites with auto backlink tools.
    3. DO NOT pay to have your backlinks placed on the pages of some website. Plenty of people do it. Plenty of people get caught and penalized.
    4. DO NOT  join dubious backlink rings or networks. Google figures this out over time and your site can get banned.

6) How to get more blog traffic – other basics

  • Once you have 20 or so pages you DO NOT need to write a new blog post every day or two. It is QUALITY that the search engines like NOT quantity!
  • Write the article for the readers not the search engines. If it is good for people to read the search engines will like it.
  • DO NOT fill the top half of the web page with ads. Google has changed its algarythm and wants people to see the article on the top half of the first page not a ton of ads

Finally you can click on this link and go to our main page to read more articles like this How to get website traffic article!

OK that is the end of this rticle!

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