How to Make a WordPress Website

Getting Started With WordPress

This  How to Make a WordPress Website guide gives you  links to our main categories of information where you can find dozens of articles on how to get started in wordpress and how to use its many features.

If you just want one overall article on how to get started with wordpress you can click on this link to read our very thorough Beginners Guide to WordPress.

Here is a brief summary of what wordpress is and what you need to learn to get started:

WordPress is free blogging software that is designed to let people without any programming experience set up and run a blog. The software is modular and you can change its look and feel by changing the theme. There are thousands of free themes available and to change one all you have to do is install it with a few clicks of the button through your administrators panel.

You can also add almost unlimited new functions to your blog using "plugins". Plugins are code modules that can be installed into your blog with a few clicks of a button and they can add many features like a photo gallery or an appointment calendar or special automated display features to showcase your products.

WordPress also has "Widgets" which are more code modules that again can be installed with a click of the button. They add functions to the bottom top and sides of your wordpress blog. Want people to be able to see and click on your last 10 blog posts? there is a widget for that. Want people to be able to find all your articles related to your current article? There are widgets available for that. Want to add on some Amazon sale items to make money off of your blog? There are widgets available for that!

But even though the software is free it still has to run someplace on a server. This is called a host. You can have it hosted for free at wordpress itself or you can pay to have it hosted at a site like Expect to pay about $6 a month to have your site hosted.

You can even pay people to set up your site for you and have it all ready to go for you so all you have to do is learn the very basics of logging in to your blog and making posts!

All this information and more is available on this website!

If you are looking for specific How to WP information or topics, look at the menu at the top of this page and click on any of the menu titles. They are actually links to go directly to those WordPress How to Categories.

Another way to get started is to use wordpress training videos. The advantage of the videos is twofold. First of all you can watch the teacher do something with wordpress on the video instead of just reading about it! The second great thing about wordpress training videos is that you can replay them over and over if you don't understand a certain topic.

You can click on this link to read our review of an entire wordpress vidfeo library that is avaialble to try out for $5. You can click on this link to read our review of the WordPress Training Video Library..

OK thats it for this Hintroduction to getting stared in wordpress

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