How to Photo Blog

How to Photo Blog

I am going to give you a brief guide here on How to Photo Blog focusing on 3 basic subjects:

  1. How to Photo Blog with WordPress
  2. How to Photo Blog with a WordPress Theme meant for Photo Blogging
  3. How to Photo Blog by adding a simple WordPress Photo Blogging Plugin to wordpress

If you need to learn how to get started with a WordPress Blog from scratch, then you can get how to get started advice  by clicking on this link:

WordPress How To Beginners Guide –

How to Photo Blog with WordPress

If you want to learn How To Photo Blog, I highly recommend you create a WordPress Blog. That is because:

1) WordPress Is widely used – millions of bloggers use it. That means it works well.

2) WordPress is easy to host, install and use!

3) WordPress has tons of add on features that are available by a "Plugin" that you just click to install NO CODING!

4) It really is easier to start a blog with WordPress then you think and learning How To Photo Blog is easy too.

5) You can get a Professional WordPress Photo Blogging Theme (This is the look, feel and how you setup and control your Photo Blog) for about $25 – $40, or you can use a slightly lesser quality one for FREE, or you can add just basic Photo Blogging functionality with a WordPress Photo Blog Plugin for free to an existing blog. Your choice.

How to PhotoBlog with a WordPress Theme meant for Photo Blogging

If you really want a nice Photo Blog and no hastels, I recommend The "Aperture" Photo Blogging Theme from a company Called Woo Themes.

1) They have excellent Themes,

2) They are easy to set up and use and you really won't have to learn How To Photo Blog. It is all p-redesigned for you.,

3) They are well designed and thought out,

4) They have full support and

5) Everything you need to do you can control thru their Admin panels.

How to Photo Blog – Here is an image of the Aperture Photo Blogging Theme.

How to Photo Blog - the Aperture THeme by WooThemes

You can Click on this link to go Directly to their Aperture Web Page.

Or you can click on this link to read a review of The Aperture Photo Blogging Theme.

How to Photo Blog by adding a simple WordPress Photo Blogging Plugin to wordpress

ALL FREE WordPress Software comes with two features that makes it easy to ad in functionality to any wordpress Theme.

These Features are:

1) WordPress Plugins – Plugins are pre-coded functions that you can add to your blog just by searching for them in your admin panel and clicking on install and activate. Thats it. No coding. Many of them have admin control panels to configure them the way you want them but again, no coding! So you can learn How To Photo Blog easily with a free plugin!

2) WordPress Widgets – Widgets are also blocks of code. Some are  precoded and others allow you to ad custom code. The widgets allow you to ad features or advertisements around different parts of your blog. This gives you the ability to further modify the look and feel of your blog for your readers. The more widgets a Theme has the more flexibility it offers.

For photo blogging their are actually a lot of plugins (over 100) available

for you to download right into an existing WordPress Theme if you already have a blog or add to any WordPress Theme. Here is an example of what one does:

WP Photo Album Plus 2.0.2


This plugin is designed to easily manage and display your photo albums and slideshows within your WordPress site.
You can create various albums that contain photos as well as sub albums at the same time.
There is no limitation to the number of albums and photos.
There is no limitation to the nesting depth of sub-albums.
You have full control over the display sizes of the photos.
You can specify … By J.N. Breetvelt a.k.a OpaJaap.

Here is a link to a review of WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin

OK that is it for this How To Photo Blog Article, the links we have provided should fill in the blanks for you to get started.

We will update this How to Photo Blog article if new or better photo blogging themes or plugins become available so check back!

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