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This article Shows you several ways to add an RSS Feed on a Website and on a WordPress Blog.Learning about RSS, both from how to read one into your website for content and How to RSS Feed on Website are basic skills you need to learn to have a succesful website. Also, you can click on this link to learn an easy way to put a store on your blog so you can make money off of your website.

RSS Definition – Really Simple Syndication (RSS) – RSS is a form of eXtensible Markup Language or XML.

There are 2 types of users of RSS:

1) A Web site that wants to allow other sites to publish some of its content creates an RSS document and registers the document with an RSS publisher.

2) A web site that wants content  can read RSS-distributed and use the content on a different site.

3) common examples of RSS Content is data such as news feeds, events listings, news stories, headlines, project updates, excerpts from discussion forums or even corporate information.

How to RSS Feed on Website

Part 1 How to RSS Feed on Website -  on a HTML Website.

This is for someone whose website is built by hand using Microsoft Frontpage or dreamweaver for example and you don’t have a prebuilt piece of software code to  support RSS integration or you use a CMS (content managment system) which does not support RSS integration.

How to RSS Feed on Website like this, the easiest way to do this is to use a service like Feedroll. Feedroll is free and lets you select the RSS Feeds whose content you want to put on your website and then will generate the code you need to use.

They have to products Feed Viewer for just putting the contents of 1 RSS Feed on your website and Feed Roll which lets you combine multiple RSS feeds into one so that you can get content from multiple sources at the same time and provide them seamlessly to your readers and viewers!

You can click on this link to go to the Feedroll website, THERE IS NO COST and they tell you exactly how to RSS Feed on Website using their tool!

Part 2 How to RSS Feed on Website – on a WordPress blog or Website.

OK this is so easy I love it! Use the “Better RSS Widget” Plugin!!

Thats right a plugin that you download thru the “Add Plugin” function of your WordPress Dashboard! If you don’t know how to add a plugin in wordpress you can click on this link to read our WordPress Plugins How To Guide!

How to RSS Feed on Website with the Better RSS Widget

The Better RSS widget is a smart RSS Widget for WordPress!

It is a Replacement for the built in RSS widget that adds an optional link target, shortcode, and page conditionals.

  • Add title or post tags to the feed URL in the shortcode.
  • Excerpt length can be set in both the widget and the shortcode.
  • Added page conditionals to the widget to show on Home, Front, Single Post, Archive, Search, Category, Tag, and Date pages.
  • If you are updating from an earlier version, you will need to edit your widget settings to select which types of pages to display each widget on.
  • Added a shortcode to allow embedding RSS feeds into posts and pages.
  • Choose whether to cache the RSS feed.
  • Set the cache duration per feed, defaults to 3600 seconds (1 hour).
  • Added an option to display the post time.
  • Allows multiple widgets each with different settings.
  • Adds the link target to both the RSS Title and all articles.
  • Default settings screen allows you to decide what defaults will appear when adding a new widget.
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OK thats it for this How to RSS Feed on Website Guide!

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