Keyword Magic Professional Review

Keyword Software to help youu target your Niche!

In this Keyword Software Review I will show you exactly how I used this tool to identify easy market niches AND I will give you links for more information!Out of all the tools I have purchased, this is one of the ones that really works. It finds niche keywords and helps you identify those that you can rank highly in the Search Engine Results Pages (like Google). This drives targeted traffic to your site. Traffic that you can make money on. Check out my proof in the review below.

Note that I also use the Clickbump SEO on page SEO tool for all my sites. It is another tool that really works. You can click on this link to read my review of this great on page SEO tool..

Keyword Magic Professional Review - it works great

Keyword Research Tool Summary:

At this point I am no longer recommending Keyword Magic Professional and am Recommending Keyword Elite 2.0. Here is why:

In the last year or so a number of  mid priced Keyword research tools have stopped working. A few of the bigger names included:

1) Keyword Research Pro and

2) Keyword Magic Professional

3) and several others

These were both mid priced products that did a great job.

BUT the owners did not want to keep up with the maintenance and rewriting that you have to do to keep up with google etc.


So rather then recommend any more mid priced tools that may work great now but stop working later I am telling people to get the best. tha thas been around for over 7 years -

Keyword Elite 2.0

Here's just a hint at what's in store for you in Keyword Elite 2.0:

Uncover every profit angle in any niche - Keyword Elite 2.0 will find TONS of keywords from each of the major search engines...
Save hundreds of hours of time - add words and modifiers to every keyword at the click of a button... add words like "buy" and "best" to really get the most bang for your buck...
Crack open every single niche - Keyword Elite 2.0 generates keywords from meta tags of relevant websites too... you won't be stuck with the same niche ideas as everyone else
Instantly know where the profitable niches are - Keyword Elite 2.0 will give you a green light if it's something you should run with, and a red light if it's not. It's that simple
Immediate SEO insights - want to know how to outrank a certain site? No probs, Keyword Elite 2.0 show you how exactly what your site needs to progress
Uncover profitable niches on demand - and even further than that, drill down into the micro-niches within that niche, and found out where the insane profits are
Quickly find out if you're targeting buyers - Keyword Elite 2.0 uses cutting edge Microsoft OCI data to let you make smart decisions with your niches and keywords
Easily find potential advertising partners - KE2 makes this very easy, and it can provide you with an immediate stream of ultra targeted traffic for next to nothing
Get immediate targeted traffic - Even if it's your first day online and your budget is tiny... Keyword Elite 2.0 gives you access to a traffic technique that's simply devastating...


You can click on this link to Check it out Keyword Elite 2.0 now!


Below is the original Keyword Magic Professional Review in case anyone had a specific reason for looking up what it was about or used to do:

Ok I first began using Keyword Magic Professional almost a year ago. Here is the startling results of my efforts:

First I have countless posts (whose keywords I found using KMP) on the first page of Google.

Many of the original articles on this website, as well as the website name, were found using Keyword Magic Professional

But I am going to focus on just one example:

  1. This phrase has over 600,000 monthly searches.
  2. It has over 60,000,000
  3. I have another website with a Keyword phrase I selected using Keyword Magic Professional.
  4. results when you search on it in Google.
  5. And I am in the number 2 position!!!

Yes, the number 2 position on the first page of Google for a term with 60,000,000 results and 600,000+ monthly searches.,

And Yes I am making money off the website EVERY DAY!

No bullshit! See the proof at the bottom of this review! !


Keyword Magic Professional Review-  the quick Pros and Cons of keyword Magic Professional

Keyword Magic Professional Pros

1)      Keyword Magic Professional Works Great

I used it to identify a Keyword phrase that had 10,000 monthly searches but little competition and I wrote an article based upon that phrase for my  website and got it to the #6 position in Google in 2 weeks.

Not Bullshit. I show you exactly how I did it and what it is in the Keyword Magic Professional Review below.


2)      Keyword Magic Professional Works Great

I used it to get a new website to the number 2 position of Google for a Keyword Phrase with 27,000 searches a month in 2 weeks.

Not Bullshit. I show you exactly how I did it and what it is in the Keyword Magic Professional Review below.

3)      Keyword Magic professional Works Great –

I have identified about 20 more terms that I am going to write articles for and get on the first page of Google for in a few days time.

  • ·         I Really I shouldn’t be telling you this at all.
  • ·         If you buy this tool using one of my links I will get a $10 or $20 commission. Whoopee. I am rich.
  • ·         But you may use it and become my competitor. And that would suck.
  • ·         Because I am going to make a lot more than $10 off this tool.
  • ·         I made more than that in the first month off the new website that I got on the #2 position in Google using this tool.
  •           I make many  many times that every month like clockwork from this tool.

4)      Keyword Magic Professional only costs $47 (vs. $97 for Keyword Research Pro or Keyword Elite) I made more then that the second month my website was up!

5)      At $47 Keyword Magic Professional is a terrific step up from the Free Keyword tools out there without breaking the bank.

6)      Keyword Magic Professional is very responsive and offers great customer service.

Cons for Keyword Magic Professional

1)      Keyword Magic Pro DOES NOT have all the functionality of Keyword Research Pro or Keyword Elite.

But the fact is 95% of the people out there don’t need all the extra functionality. And at $47 you’re not paying for all the extras anyhow.

2)      Keyword Magic Pro had a few minor glitches – but I have not seen them since the rewrite.

Basically I have had times where it does not return a keyword list after I have been out of it for a while. But all I do is restart it and the problem goes away.

Our Opinion:

If you are looking for a low cost keyword tool that will help you find niche keywords and get pages ranked on the first page of Google, then Buy Keyword Magic Professional.

Or you can read on down the page for how I used Keyword Magic Professional to get on the first page of Google for a Blog post and a new Blog.

You can click on this link to go to our main page for more Keyword analysis software articles!

OK thats it for this Keyword Software Review

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