Top 10 wordpress plugins Traffic, SEO and More

Our Top 10 WordPress Plugin Review

In this article on the Top 10 WordPress plugins for Traffic, SEO and More I show you the actual plugins I use on my top blogs for Traffic, SEO, admin and more. Some are NEW and never listed here before. Some are free and some you have to pay for but every one that you pay for are worth it AND I ACTUALLY PAID FOR THEM AND USE THEM MYSELF and I am recommending them because they work great. There is no BS pie in the sky sales copy here. Just the Top 10 WordPress plugins Traffic, SEO and More

Top 10 wordpress plugins Traffic, SEO and More




WordPress Plugins – Background info

This list is real and everyone of these plugins have been used by me and are still in use on this WordPress website and many others I own. I did not create any of these plugins but on a few of them if you buy them I will get a commission. But unlike other websites I am not writing false promises to try and make a sale. I am telling you the truth on plugins I use.

The fact that you found this article on the web, or another article from this blog on a search engine or on a social networking site, out of the billions of articles out there, shows that my blogs are well ranked in the search engines and getting plenty of traffic,

Your blog or website can be successful too. Lets get started on the Top 10 WordPress plugins Traffic, SEO and More. If you see a plugin on a topic you don't understand, search on this blog for that topic and chances are you will find an article that explains what it is and why you need to understand it.

If you do not know how to install a plugin you can click on this link to read an article to learn how to install plugins!

Our Top 10 WordPress Plugin List

1) Backlinks Rotator Plugin -

NOTE This plugin is no longer recomended. Google has started penalizing sites for having unatural backlinks and this plugin might cause you to get that penalty.

This plugin improves Off Page SEO and is the most exciting plugin I have come across in a while. I purchased this plugin in August and to be honest I did not believe it would work. I was just testing it out. Well 2 weeks later my blogs ARE getting auto created backlinks. These are backlinks actually created on other peoples websites and found by the search engines. In less then a week I started seeing the first backlinks pop up in Yahoo site explorer (a tool for checking what sites link to your site). Now into the second week the links are starting to come in steady. This will continue automated basically forever. I am going to write an article on this this weekend.


 2) the FREE SEO Search Terms Tagging Plugin-

The SEO Searchterm tagging plugin improves On Page SEO by adding new internal linking to the blog post using the most popular keywords used by search engine visitors to find the blog post from a search engine ( incoming search terms ). It does this in the back ground automatically for every post you or article you write.

You can get the SEO Search Terms Tagging plugin thru the admin  panel of your WordPress blog (see the link posted earlier if you don't know how to add a plugin to your blog).

 3) The Clickbump SEO Plugin

The Clickbump SEO Plugin improves a WordPress websites on page SEO by helping you format your posts and articles for optimal on page SEO benefits.  I have HUNDREDS of posts on many different blogs that have improved their search engine rankings by using this plugin. You will be able to see yourself because after you install the plugin you can open any existing post and it will tell you what you need to fix for its on page SEO. Then use a free tool like Traffic Travis to track the improvement in the search engines for the posts.

It WILL improve your posts and articles search engines rankings.!

4) FREE Traffic Travis

OK I lied. This made the top ten but its not a plugin. It is a free tool you can download to track your search engine rankings, Check out your competition and a whole lot more. You can get a free version of Traffic Travis or you can buy their full version. I used the free version for about 6 months and then paid for the full version. The choice is yours. Just go to

5) The FREE  Keywords Statistics Plugin

The Keyword-Statistics-Plugin is a FREE plugin. Since I use the clickbump plugin I really don't pay attention to the keywords statistics anymore BUT I STILL USE THE KEYWORDS STATISTICS PLUGIN for the 3 most important meta tags – The Title, description and keywords tags (the keywords tags is far less important then it used to be). If you have a different way of creating these meta tags they way you want them and you get your keyword density information somewhere else then you can probably skip this plugin all together. This is available for free thru the Plugins tab of your admin panel.

 6) The FREE WP PlusOne This Plugin

Google has added the "PlusOne" feature for readers to mark there approval of a web page. Google will be using this to increase websites rank. Here is a way to add a simple Google PlusOne +1 Button into every post and page without going through administration, configuration or hard to understand instructions. This is a simple plugin without any hassles, it automatically add the Google Plus One Button to your WordPress posts. There is no admin for this plugin since everything is done automatically, just upload the plugin , activate it and it will ad the necessary code for the Google +1 Button to appear on every post. The Button will be located at the Top-Right Corner Inline with your posts. Just go to the Add Plugins function of your admin panel in wordpress and search for "WP PlusOne". Then install and activate the plugin. Thats It!!

 7) The FREE W3 Total Cache Plugin

Google will DECREASE your sites rankings if it is to slow (no one wants to go to a website and wait and wait for a page to load). The W3 Total Cache Plugin speeds up your websites pages dramatically. This is Free and the highest rated and most complete WordPress performance plugin. Dramatically improve the speed and user experience of your site. Add browser, page, object and database caching as well as minify and content delivery network (CDN) to WordPress.

8) FREE Akismet (anti spam)

This has made every plugin list I have done because Akismet is quite possibly the best way in the world to protect your blog from comment and trackback spam. It keeps your site protected from spam even while you sleep. IT IS FREE. download it from your WordPress plugin panel.

9) FREE Google XML Sitemaps

This FREE plugin will not only generate a special XML sitemap that  will help search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and to better index your blog but it does it automatically every time you change a post. And it submits the site to the search engines automatically. Cool..

10) FREE CKeditor for WordPress

This FREE plugin made the Best WordPress Plugins 2011 list because it  Replaces the default WordPress editor (wp Tinymce) with a more powerful WordPress editor with more features like you are used to in Microsoft Word.. The default post editor for WordPress Blows. USE THIS FREE PLUGIN INSTEAD.

11) DataFeedr Plugin (adds an automated store to your Website or blog)

OK we have a whole article on this one. Check it out.

Click here to read our review of the DataFeedr Plugin.

And thats it for this  article!


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