WordPress How To Get More Traffic with Backlinks

WordPress How To Get More Traffic with Backlinks.

In this article “WordPress How To Get More Traffic with Backlinks” we tell you why backlinks are important for SEO and getting free Search Engine traffic to your website and we show you some tools to do it!

Summary: The search engines will rank your site high and send you free traffic if they think your website has valuable information that people like. One way to help make this happen is with SEO – Search Engine Optimization. BackLinks are a critical piece of  off page SEO. Link Building can be done manually, or you can buy links or you can buy a tool to build the links for you or you can wait for the web to discover your website (Don’t hold your breath) This article tells you how to get Backlinks and the Pro’s and Con’s of each method.


Wordpress How To Get More Traffic with Backlinks

WordPress How To Get More Traffic with Backlinks – SEO Basics

SEO is Search engine Optimization. It defines the process of optimizing your website so the search engines like Google and Yahoo realize the importance of your website and send traffic – people searching for information or products that are similar to what you have on your website- to your website.

On page SEO refers to improving your WP Themes so that the search engines like the content and the information and rank the pages highly. You can click on this link to read our article on Latent Semantics Indexing for on Page SEO and a tool to help you do it.

Off Page SEO refers to improving your Websites standings by making the search engines believe that your site has authority, that other sites link to your site to get information and that people around the web know about your wsite, talk about it and follow it. In many cases the Search Engines look at the number of backlinks and the quality of backlinks to your website to determine this.

Backlinks are links from other websites back to YOUR Website. Backlinks have Anchor Text which is the text people click on to  go  to your site from the other site. THe search engines look at the anchor text to see if the words(they should be KEYWORDS) describe the content of your website. This is why using Keywords on your web pages and your page URL’s and thru out your WP Themes is so important!

Backlinks are a Critical part of Off Page SEO because some search engines, especially Google, will give more value to Website’s that have a good number of quality backlinks (meaning backlinks that come from a relevant, popular Website), and consider those Website’s more relevant than others in their results pages for a search query. In English good quality backlinks can help get you ranked higher in the search engine results when someone searches on a keyword or phrase related to your Website.

WordPress How To Get More Traffic with Backlinks – How do you get them?

There are many ways to get backlinks to your WP Themes:

1) You can pay a service to go out and “build backinks for you” but the old adage “you get what you pay” for is really true here. Many such services use bots to get you backlinks on hundreds or thousands of no value unrelated sites. Or they use people to do the same thing with the same net result – pretty much nothing. SO DO NOT DO THIS

2) You can pay a lot of money for page links from front pages of high PR sites (PR is the page rank of a site. Measured in 0-10. It measures the relative importance that Google assigns to a site). This works but can be very expensive AND if Google figures out that you are buying links it will penalize your site and your pages will suddenly disappear from the search results SO DO NOT DO THIS!

3) You can manually make your own backlinks by a combination of:

  • 1) Article submitting (sending articles with links back to your site to article submission sites.
  • 2) Posting  on Forums with backlinks back to your site. This works real well if you take the time to post on sites that are about the same subject as your site. It also has the benefit of getting people who are interested in your blogs or websites subjects or products to click on your link and bring traffic in on their own. But it is VERY  time consuming
  • 3) Creating comments on website posts with backlinks to your site.

This works well but takes a lot of time and you must continue to do it month after month which drains time from improving your site, adding fresh content amd monetizing your site to make MONEY!!

4) You can get an AUTOMATED tool to create backlinks. The advantage here is you get a system that can create backlinks for you whenever you want and you usually only pay once for the tool. But they stil require a small amount of work for set up, tunning etc.

You can click on this link to read our review of the Backlinks Rotator Plugin - a reasonably priced tool that does a FANTASTIC job of generating backlinks

OK thats it for this WordPress How To Get More Traffic with Backlinks article!

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