Adsense WP Themes

What are the best Adsense Themes for WordPress?

Here are 15 Adsense Rerady WP Themes that are FREE and let you get flexible with your advertising strategy!

All of these Adsense WordPress Themes are designed to use Google Adsense for income (Money!) and are available for free download with your WordPress Admin panel. These WordPress Templates are FREE Themes with features like Sliders, SEO, Footer, sidebar and sidebar widget (and some even have "in the post") Adsense placement, sharp designs, traditional and minimalist designs, support for custom Gravtars, etc!If you don't know how to install a FREE WP Theme from your admin panel you can click on this link to read our article on How to Install a WP Theme

Best of the Best: Atahualpa

I am getting an Adsense click thru rate of DOUBLE my other sites using the Free WP Theme Atahualpa and the FREE Adsense Daemon plugin.

I think this is because Atahualpa has a wide layout so when you put the adsense links in their using the Adsense Daemon (I put them after the second and 8th paragraph. To see this in the website I linked to above just click on one of the articles. The ads to not appear on the main page because it only has shortened versions of each article) The readers read around the ads and its not bunched up or compressed like it would be on a narrow width newspaper type layout. It flows well and they don't just skip past the annoying ads to get to the test, it becomes part of the page and they pay more attention.

Drawbacks: Atahualpa is meant to be configurable and you have a bazillion different settings. Also they do a crappy job of updating the theme. You have to download the current version from their website and manually update it AND the current version in the wordpress Library is way old/

Atahualpa is available thru download thru your WordPress Admin panel.


Swift is another choice for the Adsense WP Themes


The website you are on now is running on the Swift Theme

SWIFT, as the name says, is the fastest loading, SEO optimized,one of the truly adsense readyWP Themes, server friendly wordpress theme. It features Magazine layout,two different header styles, tabbed interface, two featured post sliders, 6 custom widgets. Bundled with lot of options to build your own unique, professional and browser-safe WordPress Adsense WP Themes Theme,

SWIFT is the perfect  choice for those who need a powerful and customizable theme. You can easily move your options from development server to live server with the built in import/export options function, a feature unique to SWIFT.SWIFT has a active user community to help you with support queries.

I am using Swift on 2 of my Websites right now. It is a very clean design and works great.


Version: 5.28

Author: gandham

Last Updated: 93 days ago

Downloaded: 86,790 times

NOTE: Most free  WP Themes  do not come with support.

If you want to check out some really nice Professional Themes with great support,You can Click on this link to go to and check out some of the Best WP Themes  available for WordPress that you can get!.


Producer is another one of  Adsense WP Themes choices!


Another one of the clean, flexible, free WordPress Themes with a strong Adsense Component.

StudioPress has a Very large following and I have heard nothing but good things about it although I have not tried StudioPress myself yet.


Version: 1.2

Author: DailyBlogTips

Last Updated: 765 days ago

Downloaded: 48,779 times



Adsense WP Themes


A WordPress THeme  Framework featuring:

  1. a comprehensive Theme Settings page,
  2. selectable one, two and even three-column layouts,
  3. 10 Widget-Ready Sidebars, This rocks for Adsense as it gives you a TON of placement options!
  4. a customizable Drop-down Navigation menu,
  5. plugin integration,
  6. Google AdSense support, (Again one of the Adsense WP Themes that is not only adsense ready but designed for its use).
  7. integrated Gallery,
  8. extensive support for Child Themes and much more.


Version: 4.0

Author: kretzschmar

Last Updated: 3 days ago

Downloaded: 25,950 times



Another great Adsense WP Themes


An amazing blue & white theme with many widgets and options.

This Adsense Ready WP Theme is also ready for videos & any other type of advertising.

This theme will go well with your business blog ,personal blog or basically anything!


Version: 3.0

Author: dazzlemeb

Last Updated: 591 days ago

Downloaded: 16,976 times



The Wordsmith Blog Adsense WP Theme

Wordsmith Blog

Curling up in front of a fire with a good book, sitting around the family table playing word games, the Wordsmith  theme puts all these warm familiar experiences into one inviting design.

But more than just aesthetics, Wordsmith is packed with customizable options. Choose background colors, sidebar placement, and as one of our Ready for Adsense  WP Themes it in includes an optional adsense ready WP sidebar. Also, the header displays your blog title in custom block lettering.


Version: .4.1

Author: Adazing

Last Updated: 190 days ago

Downloaded: 4,815 times



Grapene is one of the great Adsense WP Themes


I love the Graphene Themes and was happy to include it in our selection of Adsense WP Themes!

The Graphene theme for WordPress 3.0 is a stylish, neat, and tight WordPress theme supporting 2 widget areas, with the ability to determine the number of columns to display in the footer widget area.

This sharp  entry has built-in Twitter widget, allows for customisable header and background through the WordPress admin, built-in AdSense placement and AddThis social sharing button, supports custom menu with drop-down navigation of up to 5 levels deep, and threaded comments of up to 10 levels deep! A one-column, full-width page template without the sidebar is included.

You can hide post parameters, show post author's gravatar, use different widgets for the front page than the rest of the Website, and specify font styles for header and content texts.

The codes are written so that you can easily override or add functionality to the theme by using your own child theme without altering the parent theme's code. Seriously, there's too many features for this theme to describe them all here!

This WP theme has been tested and confirmed compatible with IE6, IE7, IE8, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. Translations included: Malay, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, Polish, and German. See this theme's changelog.



Author: silverks

Last Updated: 2 days ago

Downloaded: 21,850 times



Adsense WP Themes

Deerawan – Cloudy

This Unique theme  has a very beautiful cloudy feel to it. It has two right columns sidebar. Cufon Text Replacement. Widget ready and supports Adsense that can be configured easily in Theme Options. Feedburner, Twitter and Facebook. Threaded Comments. Three Color Schemes. Valid XHTML & CSS. SEO Friendly. Compatible with wordpress 2.8.x until 2.9.x.

And of course it is one of our Adsense WP Themes to boot!


Version: 1.4.2

Author: bhooday

Last Updated: 132 days ago

Downloaded: 5,494 times



Adsense WP Themes


The MagicBackground is a unique theme. Whats so unique?  It has a backround that allows images to change color as you scroll through your wordpress posts.

Something you just have to see for yourself.

This wordpress theme also has a top block for adsense. You can set your code in the admin pannel making this one of the easiest themes to manage..


Version: 2.1

Author: frenchsquared

Last Updated: 382 days ago

Downloaded: 2,435 times

Adsense WP Themes with ease of use!


This is another Minimalist type of WordPress Theme. From a layout perspective it is  a flexible, multi-column theme that is widget ready developed by Sramek Design. Added nested comments support & dropdown menu.


Version: 1.4.2

Author: hellysium

Last Updated: 414 days ago

Downloaded: 4,254 time

Another great Wp Adsense Theme


AdStyle is one of the top Adsense WP Themes on this list. It is designed for ad placement, has modern scroll work and broken boundries for added flair. Your adsense code needs to be added in the wp-admin panel. Current update fixes firefox issue.


Version: 2.0.4

Author: frenchsquared

Last Updated: 382 days ago

Downloaded: 10,040 times


Coralis is a sharp Adsense WP Themes


Coralis is a three column WordPress  theme with two Sidebars on the right side.

This free  theme is widget-ready and SEO optimized. This light weight theme has been designed to accommodate 125×125 Adsense blocks in the left sidebar and a Wide Skyscraper Ad (160×600) in the right sidebar. Theme designed by


Version: 1.03

Author: dkszone

Last Updated: 312 days ago

Downloaded: 3,828 times


Adsense Wp Themes are great!

This is one of the easiest to configure  Themes.

We especially like the fact that it comes out of the box with  five template pages.
The extra page templates is nice because it lets you have a website with a different look in feal for five different categories of pages.

In addition it has up to seven columns and more…


Version: 4.2

Author: Aruz

Last Updated: 250 days ago

Downloaded: 3,695 times

E is a unique Adsense WP Themes


E is another unique theme sporting a Magic Bar, its AdSense ready, has up to seven sidebars, named sidebars, five template pages, widget ready, social bookmarks…


Version: 4.2

Author: Aruz

Last Updated: 250 days ago

Downloaded: 1,620 times


TwchBlue is a Adsense WP Themes for the tech crowd

TechBlue Adsense-Ready Theme

This is one of the most  business specific themes on this list as it is targeted for a specific vertical. Techblue is an Adsense-ready created especially for tech and related blogs. However, it can be used on any other blog.


Version: 1.1

Author: jammed

Last Updated: 676 days ago

Downloaded: 9,669 times


Adsense WP Themes - Nature Shine!

Nature Shine

Nature Shine is a Simple WP theme good for personal blogs, 2 columned layout, centered on page. Good for Adsense, SEO friendly layout and Valid XHTML!


Version: 1.3.1

Author: gl3nnx

Last Updated: 537 days ago

Downloaded: 8,531 times


Adsense ready is what Adsense WP Themes are all about

GreenPoint Milanda

GreenPoint Milanda .

This is another Theme that we have discussed before. It is well thought out with plenty of customization options and one of my favorite Adsense Wp Themes.

. Fixed width 980px, 3 columns. 6 sidebars – top, left, right, bottom, top-center, bottom-center. Widget Ready, AdSense ready. Picture in the header changes dynamically according different time of the day.


Version: 1.4

Author: Milanda

Last Updated: 703 days ago

Downloaded: 17,256 times

Adsense WP Themes Blog Simplified


Out of all the wordpress themes in this list, Black Neon is the most clean, simple, minimalistic and unique wqith its stiking color combos. but certainly not for just any blog. It features a black neon three column multi color format.


Version: 1.0.2

Author: brown2020

Last Updated: 688 days ago

Downloaded: 7,504 times

Adsense WP Themes

Rotate Text

Rotate Text is a unique  theme, which has interesting small bits scattered all over the theme zip. It has a nice flash animation in header, which gives this theme an edge. It has nice simple web 2.0 dark color palette, Also this Adsense WP Themes theme has clean coding so that it can be modified very easily to one's need. It has in-built AJAX comments which requires no extra plugins to be uploaded. It has 125×125 ready ad blocks in the ad.php template file, which is also adsense code ready. This Adsense Ready Theme is also checked on all browsers for good looks. For support/custom modification of this theme, please contact EP.


Version: 1.7

Author: ektz

Last Updated: 746 days ago

Downloaded: 14,738 times



Our final Adsense WP Themes

Get Some!

Compatable with WordPress version 2.7 and higher this is an Search Engine Optimized theme. 2 Column, fixed right sidebar, and widget-ready. This version adds support for threaded comments and sticky posts.

Finally you can click on this link to go to our main page and read more article like this WordPress Theme Guide!

OK thats the end of this Guide!

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