Free Blog Skin Downloads – the Top 10 Best Free Blog skins (Themes)!

10 Great Blog Skins for your WordPress Website!

In this article on Free Blog Skin Downloads )! we give you downloads to some great free wordpress AND Blogger Themes!

Free Blog Skin Downloads - the Top 10 Best Free Blog skins (Themes)!

You can download each one by clicking on the link below the Blog Skin or WordPress Theme.

Note that most FREE Themes lack support or Documentation.If you want to check out some High Quality Professional Themes that are loaded with functionality, easy to use and that come with full support and documentations you can click on this link to check out

Top 10 Best Free Blog skins (Themes) Terminology Note:

While some people use the term Blog skin, skin and Theme or WordPress Theme interchangeably they are not one in the same.

Generally speaking:

     1) Blog Skins refer to the Look Feel and Functionality for a BLOGGER run Website.

     2) WordPress Themes (or WordPress Skins), or themes are the files that give the look, feel and functionality to WordPress Blogs or websites.

It can get confusing because some people swap Themes and Skin terminology AND some websites have versions of their Themes that run on Blogger and some have Blogger Skins that have been converted to run on WordPress!

OK to make it easy I am going to list  Blog Skins for Blogger Firstr

And then 1Wordpress Themes for WordPress. OK?


The Top 10 Best Free Blog skins for Blogger!

Here are the Blogger Skins:

1) Green Fields News Theme

Free Blog Skin Downloads - the Top 10 Best Free Blog skins (Themes)!

Theme/Template for blogspot/blogger
Features: 2-columns a right sidebar, SEO Services,
Its seo-friendly in a popular News Templatethat is  widget ready
We really like the clean uncluttered design.
If you want people to READ your blog, then this is a great  Skin to use!

2) NarutoFight New (re-released)

The Free Blogskin NarutoFight - Free Blog Skin Downloads - the Top 10 Best Free Blog skins (Themes)!

Still with 3 columns but now with sidebar-mainbar-sidebar format.This release added a navigation bar for menu and search.

Naruto Fight is 3 Column Free Blogger Template. This is Adsense Ready. You can add your Adsense at sidebar using 160×600 format. And can add Adsense in Footer too.. Adsense format  demo using the following attributes :

border and background color : #000000
text colour : #ffffff
title colour : #ff9933
url colour : # ffff33
Naruto Uzumaki is once famous Anime character created by Masashi Kishimoto.

You can click on this link to download this Great Blog Skin Now

3) Lunated


Theme Name: Lunated
Theme URI:
Description: A free wordpress theme with premium features such as animated gallery, post thumbnail, flickr photos, latest tweets, social bookmark, popular posts, adsense integration and more. You can choose to display excerpt or full post at blog index. Lot of options for the theme.
Version: 1.4.4
Author: Zen
Author URI:
Tags: dark, black, purple, two-columns, fixed-width, custom-header, theme-options

You can click on this link to download this great Blogger Template

4) All That Jazz (love this one)

This is a Great Free Blogskin!

Designer: EZ WPthemes
Description: All that Jazzis a free blogger template adapted from WordPress with 2 columns and right sidebar.Excellent layout for blogs about music, Night Life or a rocking life Style.
  You can click on this link to download this Free Blogskin NOW!


5) Twenty Ten! Converted from a very popular WordPress Theme. Very Functional!


The Twenty Ten Free Blogskin

Template author: LiteThemes others like this can be found at!


Twenty Ten is a free blogger template adapted from WordPress with 2 columns and right sidebar.Excellent layout for blogs about personal issues or photography

You can click on this link to Download Twenty Ten Now





6) Natural Paper

The Free Blog Skin Natural Paper

Designer: DynamicWP
Description: Natural Paperis a free blogger template adapted from WordPress with 2 columns and left sidebar.Excellent layout for blogs about nature.

You Can click on this Link to Download Natural Paper Now







7) Emperors (Nice. Meant for Photo Blogging)

A Free Blogskin for Photo Blogging

Template author: Anshul at,
Found at
Description: Emperorsis a free blogger template adapted from WordPress with 3 columns, right sidebar, gallery-styled, perfect for photologs and space for ads.Excellent layout for blogs about photography.

You can click on this link to Download Emperors Now

8)  Race Clan (adaptable to many uses)

Race Clan is a Free Blogskin with many uses.

Created by: Anshul at,
Found at

You can click on this link to download Race Clan Now

9) Deleted – complaints about it not working well.

10)  iZen blogger template

The Free BlogSkin iZen!

This blogskin is from

You can click on this link to download iZen Now!

The Top 10 FREE WordPress Theme Downloads

If you are going to use Free Theme Skin Downloads Here are a few suggestions:

  • I highly suggest you just use one of the 1000+ Free Themes that are available directly thru wordpress.
  • Use a Free Theme that has at least 500 uploads (all the bugs are worked out AND additional user requested features have usually been added making it much more customizable).
  • Do the free download from your Admin Panel in your wordpress website (hard to screw it up that way and you can fall back to your previous theme just by clicking on it in the Appearance Tab, Themes sub tab of your admin panel.
  • or use the search for a Free Theme download using the "Add Theme" feature in the Admin Panel, (Appearance tab, Add New Themes). It has the ability to search by some basic criteria

Consider one of the Free WP Theme Downloads listed below in our Top 10 list. While the best Theme Downloads are always judgmental things these themes were selected based upon:

  1. Number of times they have been downloaded
  2. Support availability,
  3. Design look and feel
  4. Features and flexibility
  5. Recently Updated
  6. Star Rating

Our TOP 10 Free  Downloads from the WordPress Library

These free WordPress Theme Downloads are all available for download  by clicking on the link below the picture.

There are also instrutions for downloading them from wordpress at the end of this article.

1) Atahualpa by Bytesforall

Click here for the Atahualpa Free Blog Skin Download Download

Hard not to like this free WordPress Theme and 450,000 downloads say a lot of other people like it too! The amount of options and flexibility in this free WP Theme may actually be too much for the average blogger. Build your own unique, professional and browser-safe WordPress Theme: 1-5 columns, fluid or fixed width, rotating header images and 2 dozen option pages.

Average Rating 4.9 stars

Current Version: 3.4.6 Updated 02/16/2010

Downloaded 450,000 times

Tags: translation-ready, sticky-post, threaded-comments, theme-options, custom-header, custom-colors, flexible-width, one-column, white

2) Mystique blog skin download by Digitalnature

Click here for the Mystique Free WordPress Theme Download

Just a really nice clean yet bold design. It lends itself  to the reader and that goes a long way towards people liking your blog. It has been downloaded over 200,000 times and is regularly updated. It is also a Feature-packed Free WP Theme with a solid design. Some of its features include 4 theme widgets, page templates for different layout styles and an advanced interface for the theme settings… Designed by digitalnature.

Average Rating 4.5 Stars

Current Version is 2.3.1 Updated on May 10, 2010

Downloaded 206,000 times!!!

Tags: translation-ready, threaded-comments, theme-options, flexible-width, one-column, white, light, custom-header, editor-style

3) Arjuna X Blog Skin Download by Sebastian RS

Click here for the Arjuna x Free Blog Skin Download

This is one of my personal favorite Free Blog Skin Downloads from an aesthetics standpoint. I also like that it has 4 widget bars. Arjuna stands for elegance, accessibility, and attention to detail. We have put a great deal in optimizing its ins and outs. Translation ready, SEO focused, IE6-8, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera compatibility, support for threaded comments, four widget bars, flexible sidebar, and more. It can be customized via the admin panel.

Average Rating 4 stars

Current Version: 1.3.8 Updated April 27th

Downloaded 126,000 times

Tags: black, threaded-comments, translation-ready, theme-options, light, silver lite

4) Constructor Blog Skin Download  by Antonshevchuk

Click here for the Constructor Free Blog Skin  Download

We like this Free Blog Skin Download because it is so versatile. I am very big on WordPress Themes that are designed to let you customize them (unless you want to get into the code to make changes which the average person can’t do) and this one has a lot of flexibility built in to it. WordPress Constructor Theme, it's many-in-one theme (six layouts, configured colors, fonts and slideshow, widget ready). Build your own theme on settings page. For WordPress version 2.8+ (include 3.0)

Average Rating 4 stars

Current Version: 1.0 Updated 05/07/2010

Downloaded 134,000 times

Tags:theme-options, custom-header, custom-colors, threaded-comments, one

5) MyMag Free Blog Skin Download  by iWebex

Click Here for the Mymag Free Blog Skin

This is one of the Free Blog Skin Downloads in the popular Magazine style. It is not as bold or as Flexible as a few of the Professional Magazine Themes like the Yamidoo magazine theme by WPZOOM but it is still really nice. MyMag is a WordPress Magazine Theme with 2-3 Columns, lovely Javascript effects such as Slideshow, Article Sliders, Newsticker, Image Mouseover Effects, Dropdown Menu and many more. myMag is offers 3 widget-ready sidebars, a big option set with custom logo uploader, 3 colour schemes, display options, advertising options and much more! Uses post-thumbnails to let you upload pictures very easy.

Average Rating 4 stars

Current Version: 1.0.6 Updated 04/29/2010

Downloaded 13,974 times

Tags:threaded-comments, micro formats, sticky-post, custom-header, custom-colors, photo blogging, editor-style, front-page-post-form, theme-options, one-column

6)  WP Creativix free blog skin download by iwebix

Click here for the Creativix Free Blog Skin Download Download

WP-Creativix is a beautiful business & portfolio WordPress Theme. It has unlimited variations due to the possibility to define a custom color code as highlight color.

Average Rating 4 stars

Current Version: 1.5.3 Updated 04/26/2010

Downloaded 40,816 times

Tags:micro formats, sticky-post, custom-header, custom-colors, photo blogging, front-page-post-form, theme-options, light, purple, silver, white

7) Suffussion Free Blog Skin Download by Sayontan

Click here for the Suffusion Free Blog Skin Download

Suffusion is one of the Free Blog Skin Downloads that I have recently used myself. It is a bold design, almost the inverse of the WP-Creativix design above. One note is be sure this is what you want. While the colors can be changes (using the orange main theme color is dramatic) it still is heavy and I am second thinking my use of it for the website I am using it on. But it is one of those elegant browser-safe free wp themes with a power-packed set of options. It has 8 widget areas, one-column, two-column and three-column fixed-width formats, 10 pre-defined templates, 16 pre-defined color schemes (green, red, orange, purple, 2 shades of blue and 2 shades of gray, each on light and dark backgrounds), two customizable multi-level drop-down menus for pages, categories and links, featured posts, a magazine layout, a customizable tabbed sidebar, widgets for Twitter, Social Networks and Google Translator, threaded comments, translations in many languages and RTL language support..

Average Rating 5 stars

Current Version: 3.4.8 Updated 04/29/2010

Downloaded 113,111 times

Tags: rtl-language-support, sticky-post, translation-ready, threaded-comments, custom-header, custom-colors, one-column, dark, light, black, white, purple, orange, red, silver, blue, green, theme-options

8) Producer Free blog skin download by Asmedia

Click here for the Producer Free Blog Skin Download  Download

Producer is another one of those highly flexible free Blog Skins and in reality I think it is one of the best in terms of flexibility while retaining a keen sense of style that can be used to build a standard blog with 4 layout options (includes a photo slideshow layout) or a magazine style blog with 3 static layout options and the ability to build your own widgets based layout. 6 possible configurations for left and right sidebars. Ability to hide one or both sidebars on 404, index, search results, single post, and static pages. Includes page templates for additional layout options. Re-arrange header section items ( logo/slogan row, horizontal menu row, search bar row, hidden leader board row). 10 featured category slots available. Sticky posts, feedburner, youtube… Producer provides an attractive design out of the box. For even greater flexibility use the CSS styling tool (not included) to create a completely new and unique look for your site without editing a single line of code.

Average Rating 5 stars

Current Version: Updated 05/03/2010

Downloaded 33,965 times

Tags: photoblogging, sticky-post, theme-options, one-column, light, dark, silver, black, white, red

9) Comment Central Free Blog Skin Download by frankschrijvers

Click here for the Comment Central Free Blog skin Download

This is a very simple Theme Format. While these styles of WP Themes do not fit my personal needs they are great when really what you want to do is have a blog and communicate out to people. I have seen this theme used by a lady who lives 10 miles from anyplace and has a hobby farm. Her blog is enjoyable to read and you stay focused on what she has to say and what new pictures she posts. High quality WordPress theme. Colorful, grunge, and stylish theme. two columns, left sidebar dropdown menu and widget-ready.

Average Rating 4 stars

Current Version: 1.2.5 Updated 03/19/2010

Downloaded 71,005 times

Tags:yellow, white, green


LightWord by andreiluca

Click here for the Lightword Free Blog Skin Download

In the arena of Free WP Themes this is a simply clever theme with two or three columns, adsense support, fixed-width, widget-ready and threaded comments. Compatible with WordPress 2.8+ (including 2.9.x), valid XHTML & CSS. Cufon text replacement is back!

Average rating: 4.5 Stars

Current Version: Last Updated: 2010-04-29

Downloaded: 211,000 times

Tags: custom-header, threaded-comments, translation-ready, theme-options, light

You can also download these freeBlog Skins from within your wordpress Admin panel by:

1) Simply going to the Appearence tab about 6 tabs down the left column and

2) Clicking on Themes.

3) This brings up the WP Themes management console within your admin panel.

4) now just click on the round "Add" button.

5) This will bring up a search screen that you can enter the Theme name in and then click on the "Search"  button.

6) This will pull up any WP Themes with the name you entered.

7) You can then just click on "Install" to install the WP Theme!

8) Don't worry, you can always go back to your old Theme by  installing it and trying again! WordPress does not change your data when you install a theme. So you can try out 3 or 4 different free wp themes going from one to another and back without damaging your website.

These Themes can also be downloaded from the WordPress site itself  by clicking this link

You can also click on this link to go to our main web page for more great Free Downloads for WordPress Articles!

OK thats it for this  Free Blog Skin Downloads  Article

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