Free Theme for Website – Top 5 WITH Download links!

Free Theme for Website – our latest recommendations with download links!

In this article – Free Theme for Website – Top 5 WITH Download links! – we give you are favorite Free Themes for your website and we review a great professional theme that we like as well.

Here are 5 Great Free WordPress Themes that you can download right now by clicking on the links.

FYI – Free themes for a Website do not have all the features and support of professional (purchased) themes. If you want a more professional look and the support that goes with it, I have included 2 of the latest professional Woo Themes at the end of this article that you can check out.

HeatMap Adsense Theme – A Free Theme for your Website that was designed with Adsense in mind.

HeatMap Theme has 12 widget positions, an extensive options page, is SEO optimized, and hooks right into your Google Analytics and Google FeedBurner.

As the name suggests its Adsense ready (yes, you can also use other ad networks too) with options specifically designed for creating ad widgets.

This theme is now officially known as HeatMap Ads Theme on, where you will also find a user guide to help you get up and running quickly.

I use Heatmap on two of my websites and it really is easy to use and sharp to look at!



GreenPoint Milanda

Free Theme for Website - Greenpoint Miranda

GreenPoint Milanda 1.3.EN WordPress Free Theme for Website.

  • Fixed width 980px,
  • 3 columns.
  • 6 sidebars – top, left, right, bottom, top-center, bottom-center.
  • Widget Ready,
  • AdSense ready.

Picture in the header changes dynamically according different time of the day.

Click Here to DownLoad Now!


ClassRoom Blog

Free Theme for Website Classroom Blog

ClassRoom Blog is a free wordpress theme for Teachers and Educators to use for a class blog.

Elementary, Middle, Highschool and College Professors have the ability to customize an easy to work with education related theme. This theme is released under GPL, GNU.

Click Here to Download Now




It is a simply WordPress theme without any plugins needed (support plugin WP-PageNavi, WP Page Numbers, WP-PostViews, wp-utf8-excerpt, Related Posts of Simple Tags, WP-RecentComments), little images, custom-menu, widgets, threaded-comments, Valid CSS3 & HTML. For WordPress version 3.0+

Click Here to Download Now!


Meta-Morphosis – A Free Theme for Website by WooThemes!

Meta-Morphosis a visually-rich personal blogskin, with a magazine layout approach. Incorporating some nifty javascript font replacement and javascript widget slider in the footer, Meta-Morphosis should meet all of your personal blogging needs. Best of all its FREE!

Free Woo Theme Metamorphosis[/caption]

Release date: 04/24/09 Designer: Izuddin Helmi Theme Type: Free, Personal Blog CMS:

Free Blog Skin Features

These are some of the features that you will find within this free wootheme Blogskin:

  • Two-column homepage with Featured posts and normal posts
  • Sweet jQuery widgetized slider in the footer
  • Cufon javascript font-replacement for titles (Delicious font by exljbris)
  • As always, Meta-Morphosis is built on our very popular (new) backend, which includes some  non-standard, non-average customisation options;
  • 8 different colour schemes to choose from…

Click Here to Download Now

OK thats it for this months FREE Theme for Website Recomendations!

As promised at the top of the page, here is a great Professional Theme recommendation that is worth checking out

Your Theme is the first impression people get of your website. It can also determine if you have a pleasant or bad blogging experience – believe me, if a Theme does not do what you need it to it sucks and wastes more time then you can imagine.

WP Coda Theme

Woo Themes latest Professional Theme called Coda!

Theme Review: WooThemes  WP Coda Theme was released by Woothemes on 6/21/2010.

  1. The quality of the WooThemes Professionally Designed Themes is hard to beat.
  2. They excel at rich functionality and ease of use.
  3. Their admin panels and configuration panels make modification and enhancements as simple as a few mouse clicks.
  4. They have excellent support
  5. Their Themes are loaded with built in features and functionality that you just can’t get on generic free WP themes.

If you have not purchased a WooThemes Theme  then you really should treat yourself and try one. You will not be disappointed. They have a variety of special deals going on right now such as a 3 for the price of 1 deal, a just announced special 1 time price deal and a membership deal for people who have multiple sites and want unique Themes for each site. Click on this link to check out the current deals at WooThemes. !

OK – on to the WP Coda Theme Overview:

 The Woo Themes WP CODA Theme

Coda is an elegant and feature-rich magazine style WordPress Theme  with a neat home page js scroller, and an otherwise completely widget based home page design —>>> This is a great feature. The more widget based the Theme is,  the more flexibility you will have in laying out your content and advertisements/features the way you want them. With a custom styled Twitter module, a “Share this” module and a “Like this” popularity-based post feature this theme will surely woo you.

A Great Theme by Woo Themes - Coda

WP Coda Theme


  These are some of the features that you will find within this WP Coda Theme by WooThemes:

  • Home page featured scroller – A custom home page featured area to showcase specific posts, all powered by jQuery. This is a terrific feature that adds usability and style to your Theme.
  • A widgetized home page – The Coda home page is completely widget based with loads of great custom widgets for placement.
  • Timeline Page Template – A beautiful archive template visualized according to dates. There is also a Tag Archives template unique to this theme. Again, The archives of your Theme is a simple function but when done right, like this, it ads to the usability of your blog and keeps the readers coming back.
  • Custom Widgets – Custom Woo Widgets for use in the sidebar and in the widgetized footer: Flickr, Ads, Twitter, Featured Media and Latest/Popular Post accordion.
  • Alternative Styles – 10 beautiful, alternate styles to choose from and options to set your own background color or upload a background image. This is something that other WordPress Theme companies fail to do well also. Woo Themes has the market cornered on ease of customability.

You can click here to See a Demo of Coda and learn more about its features!!

 OK thats it for this Free Theme for Website – Top 5 WITH Download links! article

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