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WP Magazine Templates – Our Top Choices!

Below is a wordpress gallery of our favorite WP Magazine Templates. These are all WordPress Templates with a Magazine Style  or Newspaper styled theme. This is a pretty good mix of professional WP Magazine Templates WordPress Themes (ones you buy) and a few free WP Magazine Templates. The Pro WP Magazine Templates Themes are just so good given there edge in looks, ease of use, wide variety of included options and of course the full support that its not fair listing them together but I wanted everyone to be able to choose form one list.

You can click on this link to see our article on the Newest Professional WP Magazines Template by WooThemes called Bold News. It is the state of the art right now.

You can select any of these WP Magazine Templates by clicking on their picture.

The Professional WP Magazine Templates will take you to the Themes Website where you can read more about it and even demo it (which is nice to be able to do)

The FREE WordPress Themes for Magazines have a download link where you can download it on the spot. OK? Lets go!

WP Magazine Templates

Daily Edition WP Magazine Templates by WooThemes

The WooThemes Daily Edition  WP Magazine Templates

Unique Features of this WP Magazine Templates

These are some of the more unique features that you will find within the WooThemes “Daily Edition” WP Magazine Templates styled Theme:

  • A neat javascript home page featured slider, with thumbnail previews of previous/next slides on hover over the dots.
  • A “talking points” home page that can display posts according to tags, in order of most commented to least commented. A great way to highlight posts gathering dust in the archives.
  • A customizable home page layout with options to specify how many full width blog posts and how many “box” posts you would like to display.
  • A javascript home page video player with thumbnail hover effect.
  • 16 delicious colour schemes to choose from!

Coda is an elegant and feature-rich WP Magazine Templates

with a neat home page js scroller, and an otherwise completely widget based home page design —>>> This is a great feature. The more widget based the Theme is,  the more flexibility you will have in laying out your content and advertisements/features the way you want them. With a custom styled Twitter module, a “Share this” module and a “Like this” popularity-based post feature this theme will surely woo you.

A Great Theme

by Woo Themes - Coda

WP Magazine TemplatesCoda -  WP Magazine Templates


These are some of the features that you will find within this WP Coda Theme by WooThemes:


  • This by WP Magazine Templates Home page has a cool featured scroller – A custom home page featured area to showcase specific posts, all powered by jQuery. This is a terrific feature that adds usability and style to your Theme.
  • A widgetized home page – The Coda home page is completely widget based with loads of great custom widgets for placement.
  • This WP Magazine Templates has multiple templates to choose from:Timeline Page Template – A beautiful archive template visualized according to dates. There is also a Tag Archives template unique to this theme. Again, The archives of your Theme is a simple function but when done right, like this, it ads to the usability of your blog and keeps the readers coming back.
  • Custom Widgets – Custom Woo Widgets for use in the sidebar and in the widgetized footer: Flickr, Ads, Twitter, Featured Media and Latest/Popular Post accordion.
  • Alternative Styles – 10 beautiful, alternate styles to choose from and options to set your own background color or upload a background image. This is something that other WordPress Theme companies fail to do well also. Woo Themes has the market cornered on ease of customability.

WP Magazine Templates? The journal is our final Professional choice. Here is why:

The Journal

Wordpress Themes for Magazines - The Journal!

A neat online newspaper design perfect for web publishers.

The Journal places special emphasis on its neat typography and clean grid structure, and not template imagery, making customizing this theme a breeze and showcasing post content and its imagery top priority.

With a neat tag based “Highlights” section and a recent posts carousel the home page is completely adaptable to your content.

If you want Readers, then this open, clean design is for you!

OK, how about a few of our favorite FREE WP Magazine Templates?

MyMag by iWebex is the first of our FREE WP Magazine Templates

Click Here for the Mymag Free WordPress Theme Download

This is one of the Free WP Themes in the popular Magazine style. It is not as bold or as Flexible as a few of the Professional Magazine Themes above but it is still really nice. MyMag is a WordPress Magazine Theme with 2-3 Columns, lovely Javascript effects such as Slideshow, Article Sliders, Newsticker, Image Mouseover Effects, Dropdown Menu and many more. myMag is offers 3 widget-ready sidebars, a big option set with custom logo uploader, 3 colour schemes, display options, advertising options and much more! Uses post-thumbnails to let you upload pictures very easy.

Average Rating 4 stars

Current Version: 1.0.6 Updated 04/29/2010

Downloaded 13,974 times

Tags:threaded-comments, micro formats, sticky-post, custom-header, custom-colors, photo blogging, editor-style, front-page-post-form, theme-options, one-column

The Swift Theme

Probably the fastest loading of the WP Magazine Templates on this page.

Swift Themes
Swift Themes

Click on this link for the Free WordPress Theme Download!

Here is a Free WP Theme in the popular Magazine style that really has a lot going for it.

First off the the Swift WP Magazine Templates Theme is designed to be fast loading. While many people do not consider this when looking for free WP Themes, it is important to your potential users. How long are you willing to wait for a site to load after you click on it while doing a Google Search? If you are like most people 15 seconds and you are on to the next site. So Speed counts alot!

Next Swift is Seo Optimized. Now I have not researched it enough to know how they have optimized it but I will take their word on it. Also note that there are a variety of free WP Plugins for SEO. A few of my favorites are All in one SEO and Keywpord statistics. Check out those plugins when you get the chance.

The SWIFT WP Magazine Templates features a variety of sidebar options which I REALLY Like. getting your sidebars (the areas to either side of your blog or article entries) exactly the way you want them is critical to a blog in my opinion and I don’t want to be forced to use a certain size add or to squeeze my list of recent blog entries into a narrow 1.5 inch side bar widget for example. Swift is also Adsense ready and advertisement ready.

We post new Free and Professional WP Theme reviews every few weeks so check back often!

I hope you liked our choices for the Top WP Magazine Templates!

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