How to SEO WordPress and the FREE Scroogle Scraper Tool

The Free Scroogle Scraper Tool has several great benefits

o why arent’t they getting traffic if they are now in the top 5 on the SERP for Google? The answer is that they really aren’t.

You see Google takes a bias towards you and your past searches. So if you search on your keywords and click on your Website when you see it in the SERPs then Google says “Ah ha! this person likes this site” and notes it as such. And when you search on keywords that are contained within this site google moves it up higher on the results list for YOU. Not for everyone on the web because they had not shown a preference for that site. Just for you.

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Top 5 SEO Myths

The Top 5 SEO Myths are wasting your time!

OK since we were asked…Here are our top 5 SEO Myths!

We have some good articles on how to do proper SEO so I decided to start listing what you don’t need to do and I included a lot of helpful links to more information. Here are the top 5 do far:

SEO Myth 1) If you have duplicate content your site will get blacklisted or will otherwise be penalized

There is no duplicate content penalty when it comes to multiple sites.

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WORDPRESS Back Link – How to get links to your site

WORDPRESS Back Link – How to get links to your site The term WordPress back link is a bit of a misnomer. The fact is that If you want to get ranked high by the search engines for any site, wordpress or not, then you need to know how to get links to your site!  [...]

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Definition Search Engine

Definition: Search engine As part of our Beginners Series we are including this basic definition of Search Engine: Definition Search Engine: A search engine is a program designed to help find files stored on a computer, for example a public server on the World Wide Web, or one's own computer Google, Yahoo and Bing are [...]

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Google SEO Video – this is by Google and the definitive word on SEO!

If you are a “newbie” viewing this Google SEO Video TAKE NOTES! and DO NOT blow off any of their advice.
Their simple advice about having text that the Google engine can crawl is worthe its weight in gold if your site doesn’t!

You will also hear the content is king message over and over and it is a fact! If you do not have articles of unique original content to give your readers a reason to stay on your site awhile then why should Google rank your site highly and send people there?

If your website

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The Keyword Statistics Plugin for WordPress Search Engine Optimization

Use the Keyword Statistics Plugin for Wordpress Search Engine Optimization!

Keyword-Statistics Plugin for Wordpress is a great SEO tool. I use it on all my websites. My favorite attributes of the plugin are the fact that it takes care of the 3 main SEO Meta tags – The Title, Description and Keyword tags automatically BUT it allows you to overide them and type in your own when you want to.

The keyword density features are great as well. From the Keyword Statistics website we get their write up on the kwyword statistics plugin for wordpress as follows

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